Monday, December 08, 2003

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

It must be contagious - 'the blog-break' - but I also feel the
need to take one. Call it overly poetry holidazed, and busy,
& excuse this abrupt departure. (Nick, don't fret, this is most
likely a temporary shutting down) ... The perpetual online
button is clicking off now. now. & finally now.

Monday, December 01, 2003

From Christian Bok's Eunoia; pg. 50 for Dick Higgins(or Alice!):

I bitch; I kibitz - griping whilst criticizing dimwits,
sniping whilst indicting nitwits, dismissing, simplis-
tic thinking, in which philippic wit is still illicit.
In other words, having seen her in person makes for a stronger read.
After the Notley reading at UC, someone had mentioned that her poems
were difficult to understand on the page. On the contrary, her dynamic
performance was a small intro into the fascinating reading experience...
from alice notley's disobedience :

Hardwood, in my dream a voice said the following,

"Unlike our parents the panthers. . ."

Yes, he says, Yes, unlike our parents the panthers
we don't spring on our prey with our whole selves
technology these days
is better than a body or a self -
How's your burnt
panther soul today?

I and panther spiritual equals

with never be friends


This train I'm going to get on goes so fast

This train

This train I'm going to get on goes so fast
This train

This train I'm going to get on goes so fast
That the engineer, whom I know, is a nervous wreck

What train is it then? Oh it's the real Now Train
as opposed to the false Now Train

the There's-enough-time-to-fix-things false Train


There is a sort of crystal. & I've

said so before. It's the rationality
I've been speaking of
sometimes I perceive it as coursing soul-liquids
sometimes as an air that I'm in
somewhat thick with blue glints.
I experience it literally


I can't get out of this poem

it's Your poem
you're making me make it this way
it's us, this poem is alive
even if it's ugly or I'm dead
it's the City of You even if you aren't "in it"

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Repeating as a means of varying. Accepting as a way of
discriminating. Indifference as a form of emotional vitality

Use me as you will.
Savoring non-relatedness. Put the emphasis on savoring. "I am
more interested in the
facts of moving rather than in
my feelings about them" (Merce Cunningham).

We meet. This could be at a dinner party (forks, knives, spoons, et
We say things like, How lovely to see you. I've been busy. I think
so. I don't know. That must have been very interesting. (Everything
is interesting. But some things... more than others.) Probably not.
I've heard. In Frankfurt, in Illinois, in London. Next year. What a
pity. He's gone away. He'll be back soon. They're organizing some-
thing. You'll get an invitation.
We smile. We nod. We are indefatigable. I think I'm free next week.
We say we wish we saw more of each other.
We eat, we savor.
Meanwhile, each harbors a secret idea of ascending, of descending.
We go on. The plane's edge beckons.

[1989] "In Memory of Their Feelings"-Cage, Cunningham, Johns

Friday, November 28, 2003

Wattle & Snood

Sky blue-pink
He said it was the color
Of sunset when the clouds were breaking
Saucy material eyes take off
& again the threatening am guilty
Figuring he was blind or an innocent
Wouldn't the eyes deceive?

Tom slips on corn & soy
Bean meal too heavy for flight
But the wild one
55 -dame with the third eye- m.p.h.
Hood behind broad breasted nightly whitey
Isn't that her, her Holland name
Wouldn't you know.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

glowing fish
The chef takes a break, it's going well -exhale,
"best stuffing on this earth" "exquisite" "great"
so I'm relaxing... The holidays should be fun,
I hope you find it satisfying, if not come on
over to my virtual HOUSE!! Seriously Thanks
to all you poetry bloggers w/ big hearts. Love,

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

add in: parsley, fennel seed, pepper, thyme, nutmeg...
& light sprinkle of garlic powder
(useful information to anyone?
no, but someday for my girls.)
gorgeous sunny day, a quick run to Target
Stuffing UPDATE :: Basil oil, Chili powder,
the usual celery, onion, carrots, no oysters
mushrooms go in the bird, no mushrooms
out of the bird, in the oven noon tomorrow

time to turn up the muzak ---------> Jamaica.
...while cleaning out Julie's closet
she says: "Don't take that away,
it's my credit card" - actually it was
her Student Progress Report.

...while snacking on red Pepperidge
Farm Goldfish I asked Julie: "What do
red goldfish taste like?" & she replied,
"goldfish taste like gold."
The two foods that are fun to make, that have the 'unusual' qualities
of texture and taste are ()()()() the Cranberries {sauce} and ()()()()
the Stuffing ()()()() Since I couldn't find the cinnamon sticks, I added
allspice to the cranberries, then found the cinnamon sticks and
added a small one, some grapefruit juice, & some brown sugar ()()()()
Next ()()()() mixing the bread crumbs....

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