Saturday, April 12, 2003

Favor fading in full convolution...

"Hi Bob, is Eleanor there,
it's Jean from weight watchers."

"I'm not sure you have the right Bob,
we're not watching weight here."

"That's very good, sorry to disturb."

"Hi L, is D there, it's Mike from
the University."

"I'm not sure you have the right L,
we're a teenage crisis center here."

"That's okay, sorry to disturb."

electronic segue .... bass, sax, viola in G

'Music is sanity' ...music is blind and obvious; come drag me around and
out; invitation to the insiders life a gogo -everybody's high- baggier is bet-
ter, gorgeous manequins hit the stores we boycott 'you know who'... find
the right riv
-ulet, imagine you
will .com cast ride.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Lastly, how to rid oneself of animosity...
like a fever it must run its course but
through the system where the nerves
bunch, I must concentrate on the river.

Shy Since Birth

like the walnut shell
-- labyrinth of grooves --
will not let anyone
take away her pen

She handed me the nut today
we tried prying it before throwing it
on the concrete -spit-
no tender meat there

A fear of slight biology
A feel it coming on
A dead end give away
Written on an eyepatch.
"nice blog of a spot", this just occurred to me:
I post and publish and give my thoughts away,
the only real thing I know of--my thoughts--so
how do I know that the evil guru won't return...
he can and probably will.
Ye Old Argument on "Meaning"...
I see 1:25am at the bottom of my screen, my tired head needs to evacuate these thoughts
about the chatroom guru who persists his taunts --I'm not going to TAKE IT anymore, thank you
Abo --here, now an exceptional place to make it public, nice blog of a spot you're becoming.
He that claims "he cannot tell a lie" says that poetry should be communicating
simple & straightforward ideas, without convolutions so forth (I'd like to jam his little peanut brain)
I contend: on one side, the cranium has the constant rambling conversation being dictated rapidly or not,
the other side has the editor's choice saying "let's merge" any way, shape, metamorphasisizing (hear
new word) regardless of the irrational impact on average reader. The argument of necessary clarity
(in verse) for the sake of The reader kills me...any worthwhile artform is created from
within even when the 'call' originates /comes from outer circumstance. That poetry must satisfy the
common person -- unfathomable!, but mr. buddha you go ... conquer.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Truth + Truth = Beauty
Making Love on the Concord ~.~ finish line
Ropes and Chains~+~+~+~+~riding
Crossing into the shadowland: stutters, tombstones, broken PCs
Chance paradise ))))(((( donkey saddled with lemons
Cumberland falls all day
A Plan To Be Devoured

Before inventing
the great white delight
I wonder: Must every gallop
of delirium first be viewed
as Do Not Distrub?
Asked to write
on velvet sands,
I would rather ride
western through the
Rockies-- a witness to the
sunset of phenomenon--
(whence who can acknowledge
any sign of martyrdom)
and gently enhance
my flatland of purple
timid, trying
not to disturb.

The leech and the shade is thin now,
go sit there for a while,
feeling lonely isn't my problem,
double talk isn't my problem,
duplicity is...honesty isn't.
Truth is as truth does...
I recently bumped into the buddha in a chatroom who had the last word on everything...
I recently bumped into the buddha in my car at 3am driving around to find abolone...
I recently bumped my head 50 times, it feels bad ...but who is going to care or believe me...

Wednesday, April 09, 2003


A floating bed sinks
In the dawn of night feathers
A benign thought ignites the globe --shadows blink
No artifice of sound my love
My sex, the other me becomes song perfect
Summer aberration of the first moment of Spring
Blowing smoke coils
The conquistador as a woman
Glorified, lining the equator
for Jules

Zoe of pearls, I'm in love like a lost writer's
heart of refuse
coppered resilience
time desensitive, there's a fight for provisions
Please take-off shoes, another unpaid lunchday
another perfect Bay's & itsa good
One perfecto....... toast raw & crunchy
slightly browned bulls-eye what a blech
on your nose Alivia
my name could be more beautiful, but my friend
kicks aikita
abalone is spelled with an a?

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