Saturday, April 19, 2003

A poem in progress...

A floating bed sinks
In the dawn of night feathers
A benign thought ignites the globe --shadows blink
No artifice of sound my love
My sex, the other me becomes song perfect
Summer aberration of the first moment of Spring
Blowing smoke coils
The conquistador as a woman
Glorified, lining the equator

Drug and anchored season held by one
And torso that begets my fatuous
Calm, I am
To your opiate fandango heels
A relic of mind - topaz blowing pinwheel
Form on greener days fast growing
Celibacy warning shhh ,,,, twirls

Halfway down from the Mexican border
The ballads sleep as we duel back to back
In front of me --eyes of harmonic colors change
Toppling over the brief terms
I lay
Out, north to south.

"so, what does this Google thing mean exactly"

In my haste to go to 'post & publish' I've spelled
blooger, bolgger, blgeer, booger, etc

"I believe in miracles...., you sexy thang" - love that
tune, who sang it?

Sp. of...., just learned that Michael Jordan wore a teeny
stud earring... okay?, you ask... what? that's a thang

Web blogging: a trend, a lucrative business for ...
an escape, a tool, a feel good, fabrication, it cool

Sp. of Jordan, I need a how-to manual on url
linkage so that your name and others can
appear in living color

And just how long a flight to the Arctic circle
and back

Friday, April 18, 2003

I think I was just asleep, but awoke hearing
the squeals of sqwoosh ball basket players...
so now , The : First FIVE Alpha BYTES

ready?...go (back to back)
back to back
Michael Jackson's pimp el home video
Face of daughter la Elvis everywhere
sink&swimming careers, elevate The problems:
our hate-to-love average celebrity
(stopnow) front to front
KIDS, stay in school

"It is necessary for you to find your own stopping point
before you hit the wall."- - - good advice, hard to follow

Freedom quirk quarks
demands no blending
He who taps the spigot -
no such stream of pure running

low ebbs high
tender movement
name is Hello

in the background
Hello to whomever

I am no stranger
to sound,
variation I

Whisper 'pinch me in the morn'
& receive full orchestral
blowing relatives

TGIF - OK Once in a While

The gutter has been cleaned out approx-
Intimately at the same usual
Time to matter
Solipsism soliloquies, yeah
I Love You Darling - the only one for me ramble
Tropical confetti rims and coordinated drinks
Taste the typical tang, hey
I Am No Butterfly, but
Places are exchanged

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Ye Old Argument on 'Meaning' -part 2
I found the perfect antidote !posted today!
Re: when a writer is challenged/criticized for
being vague or baffling in their presentation:
read :: garysullivan.blogspot.com :: 4/17/03 :: "Reading Others"

mommy maintains
doesn't lead
doesn't have to
one three four, calling out
the sleepy answers
she was the greatest, I used to think
& the law wouldn't get her, but I will
poor diamonds
poor little sheikh
the law isn't free

Odeum Nickle

Technological work-out
may be slick
Jimmy Neutron's overzealous -
stuff happens and toys must be
put away

No, but not those
forget what I said
stuff happens - we'll fix it
You get what's coming
to us ? phone calls and advisory meetings
Emergencies, cantankerous screw
drivers, high wind orders
and attacks

What's enticing to the eye
--no thanks, nosy nose--
I go another way entirely
& we'll be right back all
grown up
& won't discuss anything money

3 inches on the 7th I'm a peergah
I submit to reverse sophistication
to make the other children smile
my accountants are pleased

The hairs on my arm chair
grow softer, kids get up
all wooly but today's
Mickey won't suffice
by putting it in
arcade --
odeum clippers
treat yourself snowier
it's April.
(poem ended)
I probably shouldn't ask this, but
I need some buddy to tell me that
e e cummings wasn't a flarfer or that
he was one and that non-meaning could
be valuable to someone reading a trivia poem
because after all,...(there is always hidden meaning)

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Off now to eat horseradish... Bien Passover to
all who fall asleep during the seder
& kick or crawl under the table,
ditch the bitter herbs,
smash the gefilte fish,
blog o' manishtana
halila hazeh...
Painting Your Name in Color

Same moves of clover
impress me once, ornament me thrice
That spider wants to kill you wanting
wants to kill you wanting to
escape the taunting
Work at home outside
winds breaking fast reasons
why wealthy people browse fewer
expressionist painters
Sunday's art showed shorter poems
appeal to a Utah sky
More Buzz : Art and Poetry
Paintings & Artistic statement- !
Forthcoming poetry-art book collaboration
poems by Li Bloom, paintings by Mary Burke
"radish" -- June release date

Buzz Worthy: cross-pollination online
ARRAS ::new media poetry and poetics::
(click icon)- web poetry
(click icon)- Eunoia: by Christian Bok -!!!
Significant otherness, this one's for you...
Is Elijah actually Santa hiding the afikoman
In the dark, you make me crave the yeast
For more than one day and I repent not
Two weeks is a sin to stay Seder sober
Horseradish weak & I will not eat the
Bread in public, or observe the sanity of
My jewish Pesach...Pleistocene (in the
Dictionary) -surges the love.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

And welcome back to you, the sun is air-kissing : mellow and glorious!
Now to top it off with this briefing : my favorite topic : anxiety...Kierkegaard
said a strong desire for authenticity parallels the neurotic's needs, so if
the urge to speak on one's own terms is satisfied, anxiety is
temporarily relieved...um, I'm a believer: O ego of mine,
you have proven your uniqueness in so many ways, why
on this magnificent day must I continue
to imprint the page?
Sp. of computers: listening to a promo of Jack Johnson on my AM walk
"No prints can come from fingers, if machines become our hands" ...
Horizon Has Been Defeated-- JJ clichy profound, I'll have to
listen to more of his
(Laura Riding from: "The Talking World")
And talk in talk like time in time vanishes.
Ringing changes on dumb supposition,
Conversation succeeds conversation,
Until there's nothing left to talk about
Except truth, the perennial monologue,
And no talker to dispute it but itself.
I was wondering what the results are/will be from
the multitudes who use 'online' as their primary vehicle
for expression...Bibles/books being earth property,
computers on air, perhaps 'perennial dialogue' is
now this constant buzz-- as we know :people who need
people are the luckiest people but how I dislike the
dizzyness of the convenient popular sound. (Abo's
crankiness : space invaders : clanking noises)

Spirits' Way

Right now we need Winston Churchill
as much as the games we play to hide
don't seek me and my sign coinciding
only sometimes as unnatural as the lie
which only sometimes shines "be my
devil". I'll share my wine and find the
time and water the garden let alone
the air and the rain in black jungle.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Figure it Out

chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum chewing
gum chewing gun chewing gum chewing gun
chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum
chewing gum chewing gun

In the belfry, I hear a woodpecker's
Independence and in the prep room
The sanskrit isn't quite Indonesian
The water is so bland, they speak
To their captors about Arab-ness
And exploitation, imperialism
And the involuntary revolution.

Twenty Half, Five Off

After they go to sleep, after our eyes close there
An international interim of conduct
What neutral equation? -let it rip- they will exercise
We will exercise,
My grandfather's dignity
Our clockworks' gesturing
Out of combat satellites
The Games repete.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

!!Happy Birthday Bobby!! for real
!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY!! (1:45am Central Time)
A best friend's dial tone calculates 'security only'
Midwestern grapes uneatable, I shoulder beans
and cook soaked war, grill on charcoal, horde
the last fruit-snack pouch, slip on sand & fib
to the next Sally McGee always a novella-
in-progress heroine for you.

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