Saturday, April 26, 2003

..."Salome Dances for Peace" is one of those stories told in
a mythical setting by a string quartet. Terry Riley began
(composing) it in 1985 as a ballet, developing scenario and
music together. As a score evolved during two years of
composition, the music outgrew its need for explicit staging.
Describing mankind's universal quest for inner knowledge,
Riley included aspects from ancient myth, from Biblical
legend and from Native American culture to portray a hero's
attainment of special powers in order to fight the forces of
evil and discover truth.

(from liner notes: Kronos Quartet plays Terry Riley--
Mark Swed)
On a personal note, the muse would be nonexistent without a
constancy of great musical composition/musicianship... In
particular, Salome's essence is 'kindred' in her determination
to dispel underworld forces through the fantastic, seductive
power of dance, and through her celebration of the feminine
will for peace. I'd *audio blog* if I could...however, challenge
your imagination -- hear the eerie, howling harmonics --
silently, (if that's possible.

When does cliche become unique and powerful:
"I love her" -the loved one aquiesces- pretty word
the world gets happy for daffodils, doors open and
the dove leaves all stodginess below, high beautiful.

Friday, April 25, 2003

A Larger-than-Life Trivia Post or
Famished for Fame
Halle Berry's name came up a
few seconds ago, my mind flashes
we are natives from the same town
which is a good non-phenomenon
But she has that body, smile, tenacity & (wit) -
must have been the Lake Erie water, ?
the dragonfly
has one eye
it is stuck inside
the pine clusters -
see, oh look it flies
right onto Krenn doing
a street dance just like that
sending out piccalo pearl micro
dot affects
A cancelled class - the alternative in broad daylight :
last set : Alpha BYTES

done (sle, ltd)
(10 minutes later) This is why I love to write...
a bit of nonsense makes perfect sense to me.

To John Lennon or Paul,
* it may be actually true
"Love is all you need" *
but I don't know, I don't think so,
Ohhh the poetic baggage, I'm off
to the water sos

"He claims he has no nukes..." - perfect headline
& perfectly ironic, I had publicly declared I would
abandon my hostility towards the punk who
continues to rattle my submarine line...
aghast alas, is there no limit ... js-- you
are a master puppeteer, but I will never
look you squarely or even obliquely in
the eyes, yet I admire persistence...yes,
sometimes I am a sinker-- you have a
crooked hook.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Earlier this afternoon
I was standing in a field
barefoot in April
and the sun was hot
and the earth was cold
and the voices of Apirl
sang in my ear.
Why was I hauled in like
a kite at the end of a string
to sit in this dark room
stifled with velvet
for four men in black tails
playing Mozart?
There must be some mistake.
Mozart is where I was,
not here.
(Anne Lindbergh, from "Local Vertical")
To end the day reading a poem that you're
certain could have been written by you---
ask for no more.

I Only Liked Mike

The range of normalcy is
Great, half weepy laughter
Alabaster floors would be better
I will thee against those puerile walls

Listen-- the mockingbird brings up the sun
It's pouring wallflowers-- Mona Lisa
Goes out, she says the contortionist
Is her shiny lover, shiny leprechaun
Evaporates, burns into the crazy sky
Every nerve's alive, glimpse and catch her
Anisette rhyme--but who is getting bored
I feel at home, trying to fill the open spaces
With voice-sweet tea
Good literature deactivates the daemon: true or false
for a spiky person
4th set : Alpha BYTES
Raison detre

(last night mystifies- sle, ltd)

Wednesday, April 23, 2003


Dismissed? what do you mean
strawberry morphs I've got roller
blades can roll over your toes when I
touch your butt you are comrade back
no going upstairs you cannot go on the
bed snake, soolie, boolie, julien you're
unfrozen now, conduct me again, push
anything....got you - ha! have a tired seat
sister sister you spiky pink dog spicy

Another Main Course Is Done
by JB, interpreted by LB

I'm Iron Chef
Doesn't mean it's not appetizing
Put it in (the oven has a small hole
A good idea to turn it down
Taking out the tube-- shake shake it shh
Another one is done and enough for another course
She needs two but doesn't have a bowl
Lets count the objects: 13, 1, 3, 3 --coool goul
Your score is: one, these are 3, and these are 3
So that makes 7, I like this fresh
America's beautiful rainbow...
any artist at anytime can do just about anything
Lauren Hill's version of Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly"
I swear I heard : "strumming my 'fame' with his fingers"
with no trepidation but if I mis-heard her (tho' she's entitled)
Still. --get rid of the syntho drum-- and sang!
...wasn't it Joyce Carol Oates
who equates women and food
& Erica Jong who shamelessly
didn't give a flying f...
this is for yous:

Like the myths give a salad Greek to
the hearts of Artichoke burnt on red
Baltic peppers like yeahyeah little silvas
on parade aplomb tomatoes
Decked in oregano with the
crumbling white
Fetish, vinagrettes are fine
On the average brunette eater-- I cry for you
Brook Shields who's loving sushi
ravishing the cover
with a baby in your tummy
At the grocery

boogelygoogley hey
Tomcats don't trust the Toms, they are kind to the kittens.
Process Androgyny

You into body, I into mind
You into drink, I into thirst
You into reading, I into making
You into knowing, I into sinking
You into collecting, I into removing
You into loving, I into pain
You into doing, I into stilling
You into worry, I into wandering
You into me, I'm into me
You are the male, I am

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I'm trying to learn Italian while you're lying next to me
We speak in different languages now, but it's all-right
Smoothing back your hair from a wrinkled simple brow
The neighbor's pet is howling trying & trying to hold
Each other like a conversation on a crooked ledge; just
Wanted you to know--but can't find words--too hard to
Spell and recognize sounds.
When ohm isn't working, try a different trick;
3rd set : Alpha BYTES

that does it, need to stop-- (sle, ltd)

Monday, April 21, 2003

Good Anniversaries - the bombastiest - good explosion -
>LOVE< excels
heaven's dam
not excused
this is not a test
I am jamming for
What About All About

Care about my baby
and I raise you 34
bad boy telli-mans
stop making that
noise you are so
scaring me wait
past the Venice
canoe isn't going
two nights without
clapping books on
us, a recap point
I see you can
get a start on

My Raging Dove

Eighteenth year determinacy
Said off-records a done-on sleeper
Sneak & beach weather permitting, floral
Arrangements no bother being better
Married sand and sense - which ends this day?
We can bake a celebration and cut up the children's
Brownies -- give back to our pain
In the real batch.
Cotton Cheeks

For relief, I played Nilsson who never drank
green river but for
coconut limes, his fine belly
Jupiter ached like Pacino eyes
O liberation of the Italian opera
father of God and cinema of cinemas
A grounder and slide into third -
safe! she broke plate after plate
He was strangled from behind
The new American angel sang an aria
to the statue: "You know what'll happen
if we get together," yes, well
only ^%*&%^ conquers, what else but
promise takes us
anyplace worth the weight.

Elliott's Landing

Life can seem like one big floodlight delay
& it's no use getting older, & no use to think other
Wiser supernovas charge & sink
On whiter pads
Like baby table guards
The infant outsmarts, someday
Forgetting that we think ahead
Trifle Vocabulary

Enter the Rainbow Readers
angelic mysteries perceiving
themselves upside down:
sevles eviecrep

You only see your own way
of pointing
I memorize successful and alone,
repeating the concert in Lisbon,
gradually working up to North India -
then must be returned home

Effects interrupted, you cannot read
the discreet consequence "not punitive"
I pledge allegiance with sketches and spiral

Do not destroy
"the attention getters must also be givers"
thanks SG. (the starvation epidemic?)

Holier Than Aqua

The bridges cannot be seen, too long
and not worth crossing, so long
good renewal,
there's a forest we've missed
the romp of the counting--
waters' magnificence
bands of blue, too blind to count
to move on

She HAS strings APOLLO.....!!
Luckiest woman alive, Dirty Three great- thks
You Greater and accountability the greatest
Child of the week, I am so
In LOVE, #1 messenger
Ps. Even their 'titles' beckon me to the page:
RUDE (and then some slight return)
she lifted the NET
SISTER let them try and follow
LONG WAY to go with no punch
no STRANGER than that
ALICE wading
SHE has no strings

Sunday, April 20, 2003

4 Second Self Exam

Rate these 4 activities
in order of preference,
(#1-most -- #4-least) :
Writing, Reading, Conversation, Travel

(Messenger) (Student) (Extrovert) (Explorer)
Fortune Flavor, Fickle Grapenut, Grapples
Garish Horatio, Hallelujah, Has Illegitimate
Instrument, Istanbul Jousting, Jive Jax (sle, ltd)
HAPPY EASTER - A tribute to the Sox
:reasons to love Chicago White S:
Exotic names of players ie. Ordonez, Armando Rios
Konerko, Sandy Alomar Jr, Miquel Olivo, Bartolo Colon
Best logo Black jerseys Dog day afternoon Frank T
Tough Grit Muscle Finesse
...what it takes to know quiet ... 2am omni med i ta tion
Saturday night -- less than spectacular but, like you care)
today starts kosher Ham week, time to learn more! about
the perameters of G-d, (not the Oakland gal-on-a-roll :
tho' fun, I'm thinking more about the
omnipotent blessed be he/she One
(will keep you posted, & you're welcome.
Meantime 5 more : Alpha BYTES

(courtesy of self less entertainment, ltd)

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