Saturday, May 03, 2003

Listening to Terry Riley's "Rainbow in Curved Air" is an
adrenline boost into*)&^^%*&^(stratosphere@@@@@way<>
experiencing technical difficulties here
"Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'"
all I want to post is... ::
INVESTMENT -- a complicated, rich word

Friday, May 02, 2003

I am enamoured with Monica Kendrick, the music
reviewer for Chicago's "The Reader" -quasi-equivalent
to the Village Voice. She has one of the free-ist
and most flexible writing-voice facilities that I've come
across in contemporary music journalism...blahbla
I want to say: Kid Rock is an embarrassment to
pop music, I don't understand why Sheryl Crow who
has respectable, though modest talent would pair
herself with a guy who can barely feel his way
through a 'tender' song--whatever the name of this
duet is called--the guy is milkdud toast. (I feel good
letting this out...& as for Monica, someday I hope
to say it as well as you'd say it.
Where is Shadow

My eye goes to the golden
burnt patch of straw grass
surrounding an inner ring
of dead dirty leaves, I
Insist: There is no
sunshine today why
do I feel responsible playing
this game of optics: raspberry
swedish fish in cereal milk,
celebrity cilantro swims
in my soup; art of forgetting,
art of hunger, art of dodging
my comfortable toothpick.

with a few exceptions,....
....everything is an illusion, nothing is real
True skeptics are objective, positive thinkers.

In The Trouble With Being Born, Cioran asserts:
"What I know at sixty, I knew as well at twenty.
Forty years of a long, a superfluous, labor of
verification." Is this reassuring news?
Real style isn't objective
I live for my on-going, filtered preferences,
therefore I'm a fickle sort of pickle, but not really.
The subjective act of writing plus posting,
then thinking that one will be understood
requires some sort of insane combination
of vanity and courage.
Another negative-positive seed is 'misunderstanding'
Close to being a total skeptic,
Cioran believed that envy is the seed
of creative output...I'd say this is true,
put a positive spin on a 'negative' emotion.
A favorite 'realization'--*
*(if such a thing exists--notes Gary Sullivan) :
EVERYTHING tastewise is subjective;
Can you change a person's taste?
Something About A.D.

Three mallards are mating in the water
How is that done?
Wizard tells me
mallards are monogamous : sure?
& Wizard wants everyone
(creature of sun)

Thursday, May 01, 2003

female sound :: Oh.....board the on it puuuuut
male sound :: Put it on the boooard.....yes
Staying in for Dinner?

Get the pwo pow flash
floaty powa power
Flit flirty
quick - jow stretch
pant & rent can't
chant plant
off-the-cart chow
Flowa, bashit!outathepark-runithome goflyyyyyyyyy.

````````````he wrote The Sheltering Sky:````````````

"The Sahara is not Algeria, is not Morocco, is not Senegal...
It's a great stretch of earth where climate reigns supreme,
& every gesture man makes is in conscious defense from,
or propitiation of, the climatic conditions. Man is hated in
the Sahara...one feels it in the sky, in the stones, in the
air. It might as well be written in the stars: God Hates Man
Pinky is a Rat. But of course that can be exciting. Where
life is prohibited, it becomes a delectable forbidden fruit, &
that is the feeling one gets here: each instant is begrudged
one by an implacable tyrant."
.........Art with Science, passion with discipline............
In the 17th century Papal Gardens, the towering statue of
Neptune overlooks a floating sculpture that symbolizes the
collision of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with its twenty-
one fragments hurtling toward Jupiter. The sculpture's
materials--red blinking lights--create a symbolic relation-
ship with myth, an extraordinary astronomical event, and
new technology.
--Neptune's Pool at the Vatican, John David Mooney (sculptor)
"Zero Strangeness"-- dig this poetry --"red hot fardels" !!?
a fabulous post on falalalalafolly
Niedecker slept with a pencil/pad under her pillow...
ME too, but now I wake and scribble things down
(2-4am) on the computer.....(it's raining right now!
`````````RE: Poetry Posts in Abolone`````````
Most of the short poetry posts are quick sketches
which are 'scrambled' type-ins. I don't toil over them,
they are immediate impressions, clips of in-spir-a-tion,
and I mention this because as with all poems, it takes a
few days after inception to know if a poem is a keeper.....
(Abo gets a little
about some-

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock : I'm not in favor of this.
typos are fascinating animals:
intimidating, sp. indimidating
which broken down is
In dim I dating... (next
now Lauren sings:
"You're Just Too Good To Be True"
who wrote that one? -- but those drums again.

Torch blue city
wind struck on your chest,
never found cowboy boots
rich surprises
Somewhere the rock
moves a pebble,
sidle boardwalk

Christina Aguilera is no joke, maybe freaky to look at but...
White Boyz should turn it out
Misses on the rise today
Blazing letters swerve in the haze
Why the drop drop, why not raise?
Shaggy means honey love... tired now, the qt's will have to revive me.
Set Back

These are the new habit ears-- someone shouts out
Ardent! and lovely to which I succumb
You specter,
Gallant is a comment, commandero we are
Everywhere, tension is our middle terrain
I love, I'm in love, I've succeeded in com-pull-selfness
But not enough, you say, I'll obey
At the blue,
purple and gold mid-night
Red bird ready
John Erhardt's blog just won me over-- Cioran would be proud,
however, betcha I can guess John's sign (within the next couple reads.
I'm picking up horns of the Bull again... but not definitive, yet
lastly, for now, I read Eeksy-Peesky -- a Murakami poet -- swirlsurreal
now quietly browsing around... let me mention :

Jonathan Mayhew's blog has dad and kid bomb material,
Josh Corey's- great name -I'm going back to in a sec.,
Gabe Gudding's is stimulatingly humorful (new word) --
(& a good laugh = a priority drug)
Josh Corey's is s.h. as well!!

It's ahhh quiet, pins are dropping...
other Great (obsure) musical recordings:

Low and Dirty Three's cover of "Down By The River"- gut beautiful
"Tortoise Standards" (Red and White Stripe cd) - brilliant avant jazz
The Sea and Cake "Oui" cd - cinematic! avant voice
"essential Yello" - sensational syntho pop c.1983-91--wicked
audio blog would definitely be best --coming soon!

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Two GREAT singer songwriters
who no longer write new songs,
though we still hear their sound:

Nick (Pink Moon) Drake
Harry (Coconut) Nilsson
Far reach
....of sand
............A man

bends to inspect
....a shell

part coral
....and mud

Niedecker from "Traces of Living Things" (-above)
Niedecker from "The Granite" (-below)

In Leonardo's light
we questioned

the sun does not love
My hat

the weight falls

I am at rest
You too

hold a doctorate
in Warmth
King o hearts skips a beat,
a key
found at the bottom
of a washing
machine-- send it out to the Lake
& back,
find little Red by the side
this time
there's an E230
Black mahogany trim
parked near
the tracks;
no-one else wakes
frames snapped on Western
notion love and fear
pale to royal
Account not Defective

This is my click of habit: two plus one.
The equivalent 21 equals a dimension of 3
The weather creates a style atmosphere-- reality
Moves my everything-- inside my math hero,
She loves the probabilities.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Before I retire this evening : apologies to LIME TREE blog
(I mention you now!)
I myself went to 'Uncle Charlie's Summer Camp'-(we undergrads
called it that) for at least a total of 1O semesters- Theatre Arts
major with Ruthie and Byron at the helm...(certainly they must
have made tenure by now)...but I just caught Kasey's "Cinnamon
Girl" ode to Silliman-- I'm still laughing.
Dear Lorine is a Taurean!
(--my element guess was correct
I love this woman, (--Taurean Lorine
horns of the Bull (warrior-- warm strong
a human loyal: hooray for Lorine, (a real poem
due in May

Complex technology :: the Upside...
The various web blogs that I'm starting to visit (from that
long list as long as Aimee's last name -Egyptian?) are
like independent sattelite TV talk shows; each host
with a style that entertains, delights, informs in a
comforting way: ie. Sandra's blue, cozy pajama blog
--her poems are wonderful!, Behrle has the Letterman-
Arsenio Hall thing down pat, Hess is a cross between
Heretics, Hedonism & Hei'digger', Jordan is Jordan!,
Stephanie's is always well-nourished (sorry- but it is),
Cori's is urban, complex, and fun, Nick takes me on
a warm and fuzzy therapy-art ride... Gary Sullivan's
is emotionally and intellectually grounding, Nada
should make her way back... more later.

& like today's daffodils:
I do not take complex technology for granted.
Poem for a Great Day

Work day today
Yes we can have fun
On a work day
For days I've thought to
Lounge on the yellow blue red
Stripes -- white metal -- daffodil
Pleased I am, I open my mind
To pollination green-- reaquaint my 'bless you'

The Dropping Name

A field of Sallys - does that mean something
Sounds as if, but I'm not sure, you're looking
For someone to send down the ring,
Supple lips,
Nowhere tears feel fine at home
Lying done in the grasses under the Cypress
The night passes come clean with me

Essential Denizen

Delivery's fumble for chopsticks
7:40, careless city to our satisfaction
Too darn bad for their Pacific breaths
Alternate Tuscany Wednesdays
Loving violet and yellow pansies
Winds off the unsullied avenue
& Rover says settle for less
Horse, Plants, I Told You So

Getting by on mineral water
These are not only words
And we are not positioned
Like the bulbs in a row
Radiant or below

When tulips erupt you grin
Chesire-like but soft
Not that living easy
Cusp to cusp
Reminds me of anything great

Consider medicine's incurable
Destiny, "I say-- the horse head is
On" and he says "I'm the one
Who loves you" tinkering on the piano
Like a bladesaw suspension
Nordic trilogy and the passion
Of warriors braced to out-distance
His grin

Prince would be happy to know :: a brand new sizzling
Red Corvette is parked by the side of the train tracks.
Now I have to wonder :: who in this serene neighborhood
drives that Princy piece, ???
Venting As a Part of the Process

The other day late in the afternnoon I received the longest
email ever :
What I would have written had I the nerve to write back...
-'Self-incriminating lack of education' rant gets you nowhere
-Get the support of a few nice people, forget the rest
-(Epstein vs. who cares) (Dogs vs. Cats) huh?
-I'm not a dog lover- okay!?
-I'm out of there -- of no importance
-Going forward -- important
-Find yourself a cute girlfriend
-Read a book here and there
-Write a book if you dare
-No hard feelings
-When you find out about your new scene, don't let me know
-Character(s) count, especially good ones
Personal reminders :
-Count me in for Donuts with Dads
-Mrs.T's Retirement party-- Reservations required-- do it today
-It is impossible to monitor your child's viewing habits if the
TV is in their bedroom.
-Look for side effects from too much Sims
-MTV is not for children : Do NOT let that slide

Sunday, April 27, 2003

The poems of Lorine Faith Niedecker are like
gems inside of a bell jar. W. Carlos Williams
described them as "difficult and warm";
"miniature masterpieces"; precise language,
complex subject matter; I love her forms--
always inviting, whimsical, spontaneous yet
disciplined. Thank you Jordan for leading me
to her... Your -millionpoems.blogspot.com-
poem "Listening" is !!!. I agree, I also shy
away from using the word "endless" as
in the loads of laundry, bills, tedious paper-
work, house cleaning... back to Lorine, (she
literally looks like my cute Nanny Fay) now
I wonder about her -LN's- sign: my guess- Virgo!
Lastly, this blog 'diary' is reminding me of
Brian Eno's wonderful book-journal, though
better because it gives a communal feeling
in the privacy of one's own head.

In verse, I cower much of the time, I tend to
deny that pain is necessary to express- it's as
though I am ashamed of feeling bad & exposing
inherent sadness...I have no answers for what
feels frustrating, ie. a yearning for solitude which
becomes misunderstood; quiet time which is
not within my control; a sense of loss or longing.
Joy doesn't need analysis, from that stand-
point I share it spontaneously,...but today I'd
like to acknowledge the sadness-- it's poig-
nancy-- like the piano, viola, and cello that I
am presently enjoying, offsetting my reluc-
Next Day Cryptic

Call it the assumption test
Call it 'starve and hold out for gravity'
Call it holy
Call it driving on dry land
Call it lost downtown and getting
Call for help
Call for stars
Call for crying young blood--
never lost a day-- pot of noodles feast the,
the, the time escape-- head's on straight--
lost without a face.

The potency factor of music cannot be explained-
precisely why I'm seduced by it -nothing compares-
it won't notice me, I tune it in or out - an angel, an
alibi, a retreat into rhythm & blues, beats & stitches
in time- Fall becomes Summer, Spring turns to
Fall, Summer to Winter at the whim of a song-
and it cannot be explained -- (didn't I just say that)
"All-Too-Human Rabbis Who Were Sages, Not Saints"
another good caption from yesterday's Times article
about the "Lady Chatterly's Lover" of the Orthodox
Jewish world : "Making of a Godol" : "the book's
banning has made it so enticing that it is fetching
$500 bids on the internet" : "a book that "disgraces
and denigrates our great Torah masters of past
generations"" : I'd probably really like it... but

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