Saturday, May 10, 2003

from "The Evening's Automobiles"- Niedecker
It's generally agreed that Francie knows her gothics
and her futuras, but day after day of stepped-up ten-
sions, dead lines, the whole deadly, competitive mad-
ness, have left their mark. And natural that sheer noise
should affect her as she grows older. Not that she would
complain to the owners...one particularly distressing day,
when even her young copyholder shouted in near delirium,
"Can't hear the stars, too close to the big press."

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Happy Day!

--beware of the psychic ghost buster--tks teach.Ha!!

for Gary P....(ha!)
"yes he was funny, no he wasn't funny, yes he was
funny, no he wasn't funny, yes he was funny, no
he was not funny, he was funny."

Friday, May 09, 2003

Thanks to David Byrne's compilation "Peru Negro"
heavenly Susana Baca sings "Maria Lando" ...
the weather permits a switch from guinness to coronas
& it's a Happy Mommy's Day week-end!
Mandy Barnett, !! sounds good to me right now....
(Ivy Hill compilation- music sampler)
First time listening to Cassandra Wilson --
not happening for me-- Norah Jones has
a more intriguing voice, she's over-billed
so what, smooth is fine w/ me...& who
isn't derivative of someone...so, who do
you sound like...?

oh joy, aimee is linked up-- i'll do the others later!!
Template is not going well...short on patience this a.m.,
however, check out these poems-- very unusual 'tunes'!!
I am now going to at-template...
wish me luck.
A few months ago, I discovered the writing of Weldon Kees,
(who ominously just disappeared one day in San Francisco--
I think it was 1985?)-- he was a wonderful poet-essayist
full of wit, mixed with music, film, and art (painter) knowledge--
His poems and essays are well worth checking out at the library.
If anyone likes him as much as I do, please speak up!
when you wish upon a star...
makes no difference where you are,
Color pictures on a few various blogs
are getting pretty fancy!! nice
It's quite comforting to read weblogs when most people are asleep.
"voyeurism" (I just noticed someone else's comment)-- why limit
the context?... it's everywhere... in the Deli, on the street,
in the classroom, at the dance hall.
quiet (relatively)... it feels quiet...I hear the dryer,
mild thunder, a dripping leak somewhere
the computer buzz... I'm not levitating
but that would be nice.

some wee hour
in the morning,
raining/pouring ::
"I stuff loneliness,
.................your lips
..............& the two coins of your eyes
into my pockeeeeets, (yeah yeah)"
--Dispatch song lyrics that won't leave me alone
(maybe i should type them out again & again)
I like the song's folky melody -- sweet, unpretentious,
innocent... (what else

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Extreme Clearance

she drives
in the turbulence
a dangerous laughing
In her sleep
she is
saved from the ordinary bleed
and screams 'save
my life' from the ordinary
common senseless prayers
The concert of tiny
numbers that pour
down in the middle
Late last night I read
Kasey (King of Metaphor!) Mohammad's
poems...some rodents are definitely doing
a number in his attic, though 'the writer'
of "Squirrels in My Attic" deftly disguises
actual torment-- Kasey's muse is psychedelic--
"Squirrels in My Attic" is an eerie fable of the
'reconciled' angst of genius --(Kc don't let that
go to your head). The other poems twist
and turn in a similar way, I felt I was riding
the (advanced) teacups at Six Flaggs...
These poems can be read many times
over, a deceptively rich exotic curry.
Thanks Kasey for starting your journal!

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I like Drew Gardner's music acumen, and Aimee N's insights
and enthusiasm.
Brighten up already,
trash my efforts,
I'm not smug, --just say it:
dramaaaaaaa today
The following post intends to give cheer...
(god forbid Dear misinterprets my writing)
--I feel so literally pained in the ... uch.

Kindly disturb, then please don't
my god investment plummets often
N. bid on Wall Street was backwashed
replanted mind weed
not as legal marijuana so
words don't always befriend -just hit me-
your illusions forget
I have real little
to say.
Occassional flair-ups treat poetry kind.

You are the man
You are my other country
and I find it hard going

You are the prickly pear
You are the sudden violent storm

the torrent to raise the river
to float the wounded doe

--Niedecker, from "Harpsichord & Salt Fish"

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

oh no, my blog links are all linked together-- now what?
"Hit the spot with all you got"
......Reggae and sunshine
..........it's a lazy heaven!

LA drummer
was my whole white cashew
Vegan rollercoaster
got us to the wharf
going up
Damn musician gods--
S. American Xavier rich
boy redhead
Vancouver your omelette
was perfected
and I had already defected
fancy high rised celebrity
never caring- one ounce-
my SantaCruz heart

Monday, May 05, 2003

All children begin with the life of the mind--
if there were no marsh or stream
imagine it
99 children go into business
.................... selling angleworms,
-Niedecker, "For Paul and Other Poems"
I hope my oldest daughter becomes a lawyer--
she says she wants to-- & she loves money, so first
we go to the bank, then to Ikea...it's Travel by Ducks
deja vu.

Poppie Corn for Lunch

I'm having a race against Travis at noontime
Scoop's going to win!--I'll have to think of something, ah ha
Lets go back and join the others at the start, follow the
Arrows down through the country yard, then back along
Town for a good, exciting race...Can Scoop finish, yes
He can! Oh no Scoop has stopped, Travis is now ahead.

just found yet another...Tim Yu's--tympan.blogspot.com--i like it,
time for Abolone to activate the side panel links-- later

another blogmeister newly discovered one sec ago:
Joseph Duemer's-rw.blogspot.com-!!endlessly informative.
*Thoughts about 'making art'
(an obsessive fulltime pastime)*:

Reading the Frank Stella article in yesterday's
Times magazine started me off on a monologue
of 'how to' differentiate the creative urges of--
writing poetry/prose, music, drawing/painting,
dancing, blogging,...I like dappling in all of them--
writing seems currently the most accessible/
immediate way to express and tap into the
underbelly (of ideas) instantly connecting/releasing
them via internet...Back to Stella: ..."the Minimalist
has become a maximalist... Who says only young
artists are angry?" It's good to read about a wealthy
artist who still ferociously fights against the clock.
Lastly, D. Solomon who wrote the article contends:
"there is nothing innately interesting about art that
turns its back on life, and we are in a period when
Minimalism no longer seems useful." I couldn't
disagree with her more. Art that turns its back on
life? are haikus backed-turned art? (One reason
I personally would never consider becoming an
art critic)

Sunday, May 04, 2003

for Lorine

Opulence when worthless
.......finds a towering wall
.............. rigid

This frightened life-
.......if dead
..............cold thaws

The eye may shun
.....automotive playthings
.............. tentative, brave

To her ornaments.

from Niedecker's "Jefferson"
Political honors
.......'splendid torments'
'If one could establish
.......an absolute power
of silence over oneself'

When I set out for Monticello
....(my grandchildren
........will they know me?)
How are my young
...........chestnut trees--
Good Morning!
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