Saturday, May 17, 2003

re: Lifestyle Gurus
... a Times article in yesterday's "Escape"
section made me aware of the excruciating need
for many of 'us' (myself included) to latch on to
self-help regimes ... yes we are an over-stimulated,
over sound-bitten, over-hyped over-the-top stressed
society, however the notion of hiring 1-10 yogi-
guru 'pieces' (like carry-on luggage, amenities,
attache cases) is mind boggling... People actually
have the luxury &/self-importance to spend so much
$$$$ on 'quality' lifestyle enhancement--I'd rather
think it is quantity enhancement that only a
yo-yo could invest in......
Volcano Head

\/ /0^```''''//O V
No Puffffs no tender banana
vittles she wants
to wear Honolulu
dresses and justifies
the dangerous estrogen bell-hammer
Only yo-yo coordinates
on the job
uniform teams:
choir ladies
skit cabaret
Aussie-Dutch gear, lazier wines
humiliated port gravy
puff problems?-- buy her out
I find it extremely valuable to applaud
anyone who inspires...not because I
earn points or nonsense like that,
but because when one writes about
oneself all the time, in poetry or prose,
self-claustrophobia results but when
I follow the urge to say YES!, it is a
wonderful sort of relaxation.

from TJ Desc poetry blog ( I hope he/she doesn't mind):
add it up and
who said we shd
talk to clarify

I've been all the
livelong day with

The poems at this site
are a delight.

Friday, May 16, 2003

His candor is better than interesting.
How to describe Nick's ever inquisitive mind ::
'a spiral of timeful-timelessness'
'tireless engine of abstract consciousness'
'a generous, accountable presence'
and a lot more.
Pause in Red

My friend asked me,
"Why radish?"
I said salty red/white crunch feeling
He asked,
"Why not jalapeno?"
I said less-crunch oblong green-fire feeling
He said,
"Well that's you."
I said glad you think so, too late now
Green light on Bond St. goes "now you've passed!"
signing off now,
cuz the books
above this computer
say : `````````````
"The Artist in his Studio"
"The Concept of Anxiety"
"The Book of Disquiet"
"Force a Miracle"
sitting here--patience is a virtue--still waiting for Janet's good word:
..................TJ Desc-- your poems teekle me.
lastly, still wondering about that one-note guitar solo
and how it might ward off a cold? ....see you later....
Donuts with Dads is just one hour away....
munchkins have fun!
calling Karma Carmen ::
(she's looking out for you and me today,
we need an absolute)
to make sure of that :: Janet, please
go to bat for me today, I need this last
big one...THANKS

Thursday, May 15, 2003

for Julie (plus thank you to Janet Noddings)

They are putting the cows to sleep
poor things --wear mufflers, they snore
Hey look up, the cloud looks
it's a pumpkin, no it looks
it's a sheep catch my scarf
kites fly free it's a windy day
Happy Birthday Steven G.--
coffee tomorrow ! Love, me
now on to more important issues ::
Do you think he's happier now? - Jim - (gotta love him!!
Ps. A farewell to David Hess -?- have a safe trip, stay in touch etcetc
Please welcome :: Abo's Rejected Poems list ::

In The Beginning
Turbulent Serenity
Seven Days for the Soul
The Clearing
Rabbit of Habit
Magnet (actually that one was not too bad)
The Walker
Sense of Flight
Tasting the Moon
We Must Enjoy Climbing (hallelujah babeee)
The Depths
A Holy Longing
Cease to Care
In memoriam of these poems which I lay to rest,
let us hum the Virginia Slims jingle :: I say thank
you to all mentors, colleagues, writers who bring
out the best in their fellow craftsman/woman. amen.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Better-than-rhetoric declaratives: READ them now
(Mr.Million strikes again!
Rainy day Google delaaaaays-- (sing it
.... nice bloggie, good blog, everything going okay...?
Independence Grove III

Jeans and t-shirt Dominique
girl bubble tidy widey socks
open not, see what?

Independence Grove II

Accidental jeans opened by
Dominique tidy widey see
the bubble girl socks
wanna not see?
Courtesy safe picknicking
available on the golf carts
permission in clubhouse
where dogs run free

Independence Grove

Opened by accidental jeans
a t-shirt sees my Dominique
'the bubble girl' tidy widey
no socks, wanna see?
Courtesy counts for registered
picknicking permission on the
golf cart clubhouse facility
where dogs run free

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Boy Ladybug

c'mon little fella, you can do it,
little kids are better at finding things,
I will send you outside now... I let him go.
--jb, (my 6 yr old)
"This constant process of criticism is part of the work of compassion." !!!
says Robert Pinsky in the interview/link provided by equanimity.
Air Shasta

Straight up business
enjoys the weather bug
--land of wonder--
Christmas season "jonesing"
--extended over--
Looking reason
good on pen discovery
--hurts what mailing--
Den of haunting recourse
....no I cannot fly out to CA
but Your miracle == My force
.....DDidier brother/sun.......
a missed birthday
......a kiss to you
a tree stumps
.............tic toc on Fridays
Banockburn resumes
... it's fine out today

I hope the new $20 (USA) bill is made in *^* BLUE *^*
This post is about EILEEN,
wine Goddess of Poetics,
never shy nor reluctant:
Don't stop EILEEN, sip and tell
your literate comedies xox 4-ever!!

Monday, May 12, 2003

Growing out underwater,
I am trying to remember
what it was like
to be a fish.
Can knowledge be conveyed that isn't felt?
But if transport's the problem--
they tell me get a job and earn yourself
an automobile--I'd rather collect my parts
as I go: chair, desk, house
and crankshaft Shakespeare.
Generator boy, Paul, love is carried
if it's held.
--lady Niedecker, "For Paul and Other Poems"
Invisible Translations

New basics at a better cost
car-mate and new accessories half-off price
same circus flame attracts black moths
wing deals in the canon
thoroughfare for a vacant clock

Reeds, whistles, drinks and the ink
appears, another ouji ghost illustration
transcendent precept angle at 360
specific catalogue sold under
bridges of debris, sit and be prominent

Interrupted circumstance, broken made-up
burning dilettante frays the sweetheart fuel
in desperate afterglow --ready or not
frozen in a shot glass reaction, holding
back from the sinner para-maniac

Minute 15 splits into piece keys
monkey talks to its future zero
slow impatience takes a drive
sending out natural somewhere names
a rudder mark on the chariot

Absentee guy closes the deal
at the gate the heavy-weight looks
chilly but impassioned....at the gate
the heavy-weight vows to be circulation
powerless, he stops congratulating 500

...but now I'm laughing: Kasey does it again!
Marianne Shaneen "bringing in the sheaves"
(and Drew's paranoia statement was spot on)
```````thank you sirs on both coasts``````

Exhausted the day after a tradition...

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Skein - Tendril

Expecting to find longer nails in urban wasteland
He studied to become the Lawyer who could shepherd
The facts
The image of Queen Alexandra
In her colony of colorful puffins

I will draw a mural of Canyon Run
River going down
Into the mesa

And he should stay away from my dreaming
Unparallel our purposes and understand my irrational intent

Being, Looking, Searching for as many rainbows on the
Riverboat promotion tour hands down with fear & laughter

Like the seasons, he does not judge personally and father
Taught her unconditional reading skills as when toast and
Birch trees appear on consecutive pages, learn about getting
Into a lane, and blinking before changing. The words 'skein'
And 'tendril' are bothersome to a becoming amateur.

The aforementioned movie of Alexandra, I abstain from comment,
I don't owe anyone a "Fake you out" and I think you like me
Should appreciate our polyphonies currently extended.

Like the seasons unconditional, what father taught her so on:
Are reasonable origins always being reinterpreted? -blink

And you should like me, antique store to find comfort, to a point,
(where's the Lawyer to confirm anything); one tries to admit to
Their faults if they are conformists. She sleeps with dignity now

I die loving her.

Happy pre-Birthday wish to a middle child...
& of course :: Happy Mother's Day ...
Ambient Caution (for Sarah)

It is four
AM slumber,
behave in me
a three year old
wind of thrashing

Here it spirals
eight great girlfriends'
wish in poetry
being splendid
only A to Z dreams

You cannot know
winds of thrashing
eight great girfriends
yellow and cardigan
cable lines

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