Saturday, May 31, 2003

Refrain for S & J

Too many at the airport if looks could kill
panic has no missing place in the air
The old injury coming on hamstring tear
I miss my girls, panic has no place in the air

Songs of their head-float safely
axil lifts come sparkle with me
Baby cinnabun life supports me
whispers break me, shape us

Winter's meaning
youth on the stairway
Putting down sentences
master sky civilized
Musical concern
come walk me home

Songs of their head-float cross
and walk us on the shore
Errors mock my stay-put visit knowing
when she'll rise 5 hours ahead

Like she sat two, two and too?
like the hoe, friends & horrors
Only visit that she riles up mixing mock
& ahi head bow -ha now- necklace shells

Summer's meaning
putting down sentences
Master seas torment
middle of the stairway
Musical principle
have us walk home

Friday, May 30, 2003

Piero, may I humbly share your sanity tonight

We took off sunglasses & witnessed your sky

Chutney palm flies & monism's perfect high wine

Friends and the dancing green mountain

Andy a cry of hope and shoulder

For Joel his Kaballah eyes combined

With Eric's joy stutter divine but for Mary

May the scorpion lend you its fire

walking over the mango pits
acute daylight shines
through me
that our nights
be exchanged
in constant body
Viewing Difference

Thick day
sails on the bluff
choice malign meant

secret pact:
Beauty's trade-off
thoughts are porous

When thoughts are porous
h e m
h e lp m e do no t please
do not please

...5 notches

i've been unaccustomed
locked in
. period .

chowder blubber

I have never ordered
half of anything, sorry
half of
way off hike

Thursday, May 29, 2003

"wanta see my art?"
Outdoor wind
taken with
the ocean--
to remember
A leap on the final wave
or boy
& always reverse everything
Breathe yourself on the girl
A free sound of the whistle...go whizzzz
Techniques of the Tournament
: don't embarrass yourself better
wrestlers look straight ahead :
Heading into a
need to separate
~ self one into self two ~
~ jog entry (journal-blog) ~
then the joining
read of it afterwards
The current runs rapidly forward,
I feel lucky --a saturated feeling
(thks JN)
To-do Stuff... always lots of Stuff... in lieu of Stuff...
white & red
... stripes, am I blue
am I easier time-spent
..... on the Island unaware
was I pacified? there
I was time-protected sense
enhanced ...papaya mind-lift
egret landing...silence
....unanswered.... I write
to expand
around the edges- precision
sculpting...wind location
of a fierceness together
....around the edges...
enormous space ....amore, mahalo
put in the shovel
... plant for a dandy

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

How it feels twenty-three hours awake...

Orient the Light Hours

Not narrow
....not nebulous
..........not solid, ever
The hours wish to be small
....in a fun way
Loose, not dumb
The instrument pours
......where is your drunken rattle
-pinky thumb greeting-
Haven't I felt your confidence?
...........fly quiver fly aimless
hang on a temperate discussion
.....pretty on the abnormal
Come on cosmology, come home
The day and night of me is mourning
..........wee-wee boring mention
non-sleep peculiar

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

... Last day in the Wailea sun....
beautiful trip ... boarding the red eye
at 9pm ...1 hr. transfer in LA...
O'hare arrival 12 noon tomorrow... now
the adjustment from ocean to lake...
computer life with 'normal' routine...
am I ready for that?? ... what
have I missed? ... how's blog life?
ALOHA means:: hello, good-bye, & i love you...
see you soon.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Reporting from Hana-Maui

Spectacular wedding -highnoon yesterday-
lead by Hawaiian priest; brother & bride
exchanged vows on a windy patch of land
on the Pacific Coast Hana 'winding' Highway
~Volcanic mountain views ~ Lush coastline
~ Fabulous reception; food, wine, music
...much to tell when I return...ALOHA

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