Saturday, June 07, 2003

~Sitting in warm sun encourages memories~

Life in NYC almost 20 years ago included:
~ Teaching dance to deaf students in Brooklyn
~ Teaching 6am yoga classes at 92nd St Y
~ & private classes to various writers, lawyers, bankers
My bank pen-code (I chose) was W-R-I-T-E-R, I had
no writing goals at the time... Lots of bizarre stories
during that time but for some reason I'm not yet as
effusive as Stephanie or Eileen-- tho' getting there
I woke up, scribbled this down -early AM- went back to sleep...
My body can still sometimes remember the movements of
choreography- muscles that repeated an exercise hundreds
of times until the pattern was internally memorized.

I'm wondering how this relates to the exercise of writing. I am
certain there's a similar corresponding physical-chemical
response when I need or as I go to write something down.

Friday, June 06, 2003

To comment on my present Kenneth Koch immersion,
his poems are fresh, intelligent, soulful & sexy...
and apparently he grew up in my father's hometown
Cincinnati ... speaking of to love is to return,
I am drawn to these poems instinctively & loving it.
Dilligrout (w/ an additional 'l') is a special oatmeal!
that's good to know...thks JD

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Thank you ET, at Winepoetics a thorough description:
The tribulations of finding the right title
for example, today I toiled & retoiled, then
suddenly it appeared :: Diligrout Shamrocks in Space
a new poem being written-as carefully as I can 'muster'-
for a friend who used this word 'diligrout'
(not found in my dictionary)
The Universe at Old Elm

Public Parking route two
Transit info 432-3325:
platform 1 from Chicago
platform 2 to Chicago

Do Not Stop on Tracks, Don't
RXR All Day

parking permit required
Mon-Sat 6am-6pm
Commuter Parking daily fee only $1.00

No Parking 2am-5am on city streets
or parking lots

Bike Route<-----
private initials ^^^^^^^^
the same initials going >>>>>

Would you like to get some enchiladas or
hear songbirds on the path?

Health food Hana Japan, Il-forno pizza/pasta
for RENT: Landings Cleaners: All Day

When everything goes by very fast in my dreams,
reading and visualizing poetry becomes peaceful.
first poetry event downtown, Elise Paschen
read from her then new book "Infidelities"--fashionable
then & now--her newborn was wailing in the background.
Yesterday on a walk I revisited a stately waterfront home,
with the plaque outside "PASCHEN", imagining that Elise
grew up in that house--this seems significant again. My
first book of poems finally went to the press yesterday,
voice is trying to feel, be, act accepted.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

In a van parked on Laurel,
3 or 4 gardeners having their tortillas:
"Hey mam, kckome ear"
I get the point, you know
people really do have to shout
The stress bounces off, but
where it lands?? eventually
on popsicles & ice cream
Twice a month
they should
next week
start the trim
Faith is her name
lone sister fierce
who hates you? dominant
as winter
there is twice
the hesitation four paw
'run with the wolves' my dear
and watch me watch
this time who one
on patience

Tuesday, June 03, 2003


for icicles
Raw as
the sugar cane
re: The Scared Bird
I will ask Julie what Shana comes back as
and let you know... "she came back as a bird"

.....The Scared Bird.......(unedited)
by Julie B. and Jordan Brown

Once upon a time...
There was a bird named Shana.
Shana lived on a lake but didn't like
boats. But one day she thought it was
a 'halk' trying to get her. So she didn't know
what to... but then she decided to turn into a fish.
She kept being scared and was so scared that she
didn't come back till the next year.
End of the school year - a child's progress...

"Learning to write is hard for me
but I'll get better just wait and see"
Sept. JULie
____Nov. JuLie
________Feb. JUlie
____________May jUlie

Her reflections of Kindergarten :
'My favorite things'
* to go to the gym
* play outside
* play with my friends
* everything
'What I have learned'
* my letters
'What I am good at'
* to be nice
'Things I do not like'
* nothing
'What I need to work on (goals)'
* letters
+ letters
* think about others' feelings before speaking
i love JULIE.
~Sound Surface - Summer Pleasures~

* Cuckoos and google-eyed tropical fish

* A poet prodigy rejects public recognition

* Real environment in the Real world - posit

* Heartier status inside the colorful head

* Patches of history <> spawned meditative cleansing

* Truthful pas de deux reviews

* Six simple secrets of immortality

Monday, June 02, 2003

Fort Calm

Did you hear it before the morning talked back?
Tall weeds along the driveway,
"We can deal with the local Mycobacterium."
In Toronto an American flight attendant is worried
She will be laid off anyway
Take comfort, her hair looks neat
Infirmary kids get their shots
Some take language
Or rejoice in semi-intense concentration:
"What the epidemic can destroy for us."
Anatomy letters might work
Premier local planetary life,
Hydrangea form either way
In succession,

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Lotus in Tahiti

For now the sunken jacuzzi inspires comfort
A rich man will be spoiled

A woman who craves, originally denies most of it
Maybe enough can be settled

The rooster crows here at mid-night

Crawling Friendly Oooh

In the green, there's a bug who goes to nature camp
He's supposed to be helping out west in Buffalo Grove
More rotten fruits for another week, a bird perches on
A bison's back ...on course trace these notes...
A horse's mane... off course because of you...black-out

Where crossing tracks go down the ravine rocks lie
Brown butterfly leaves span the torquoise rings
Jumpy high bridge snip Colorado underpass, up the
Pushing breeze squeak stools... see the clumsy bird
Is cheerful

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