Saturday, June 14, 2003

....gearing up for Padres Day... go White Sox,
we need a sweep...it'll make DAD really happy!

Chicago Tribune "Almanac" June 14
In 1998 the Chicago Bulls edged the Utah Jazz 87-86
in Salt Lake City on Michael Jordan's basket with 5.2
seconds left to win their third successive NBA champ-
ionship and sixth in eight years.

Truly a poetic moment -- & we had just moved
to Chicago literally down the street from MJ's
private compound-- yippee, what a neighbor.

located another good one-
"Sparrow" !!!
...guess I'm a sucker for romantic poems-
ie: "P" for Laurable
very smooth and kinetic.
"unless the weather is severe"...
Tourist Traipse on Father's Day

To culminate our 30th year we plan
to take the boat ride down the Chicago River
Bill, Molly, Carol
And I
will eat on the boat
-brown bagging-
Chaperones will meet us at the dock
Brochure says, "Cool breezes off the lake-
dress appropriately"
Lateral Family Cruisin:
located SE corner
Michigan Ave. Bridge

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Items of Interest : City of Chicago
- the third largest city in the world
- the Potawatomi Indian's word Checagou
supposedly means "wild onion"
- The Chicago Temple is the world's tallest church
- The Field Museum displays the world's largest
mounted dinosaur
- the first cafeteria was started in Chicago!

I got curious scowls at the library yesterday
for bacon, kale, tomato -too funny- Kasey:
.....perform well tomorrow night.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

A poem for Jordan...
Dilligrout Shamrocks in Space

"You could be to be a rock or a rock star.
An elephant. A ride in a canoe"
--Kenneth Koch

Tonight, a full tin of tie dye pebbles
....however stray, the river drive stays
on twin avenues we innovate the checkers

Your farmers' sheep are warm
....my bear acts polite, soft & brown in the yard
a shamrock hit my head again

Clap all ye party handlers

Sing for noone in particular
sticks be raised...Tom daffy defiance
Sung for those who are most particular
boisterous apartments the city monitors

How...this warm tilting like a planet
....play ourselves many of single criticism

Swirling through the flip gin sky
....one and some moody wave ribbons

Commanded your peeking into a subplot
....All these occasions open the sun
(I borrowed the 3 italic lines, w/out getting his
permission first- eek...) HAPPY B-DAY, JTD !!
You're a great person & one-of-a-kind friend
Best of everything ....always, LjB

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I love this guy's initiative!
order me a triple green tea martini
then you drink it -- have>!< FUN t'night
`````````"with a heartbeat"`````````
new Pharoah Sanders/Graham Haynes music
tenor sax, flutes, tablo, cornet, electronic sitar
``````````opens up the sky``````````

Last Scoop Kona

What you do to feel
What you must do to nice coffee
Upload spider lessons, influence a decision
refreshment mission to do
what you must:
Drain a solitary pen- Monday's union conversion
more chirping Tuesday intends to be smart entrance
Good purpose divide - GPD higher cased
reliable contacts who err
on the lighter side
Sincerity caution
clay and cement

Monday, June 09, 2003

...some more poetry that I like.
Along with being deeply emotional, the verse in N.A.
is fun-loving, searching, and funny.
The Kenneth Koch Esthetic ::
As much as any artform can become
something 'real', the voice of New Addresses
beautifully avoids contrivance ::


There is that in me--you come Sunday morning to entertain my life
With your existence, I am born and my mother warms me
She warms me with her self while you circulate through me
And fill me with air! My mother is so young
To have to deal with an entire existence, mine, apart from hers!
She needs you to replenish what's there--
Gala you, who stretch the seams.
Without you, the millions of joys of life would be nothing,
Only darkness, no pages in the book. In love you're there quickly
In the race through the forest, in the dangerous dive from the rock.
I have often sensed you at parties
The girls come up to the boys and all of them breathe
You're awake for them even while they sleep.
What I want you to do for me is this:
I want to understand certain things and tell them to others.
To do it, I have to get them right, so they are hard to resist.
Stay with me until I can do this.

Afterwards, you can go where you want.

To a High School freshman who woke up cranky tired:
"That's a terrible way to take your finals, you'll get
unshowered grades."...then she took a shower!
Good Luck Mina.

This week:
School picnics, flagpole ceremony
teacher retirements, lazier mornings!

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Love is... searching

Scorching hot love isn't wise
Love is vast
Love is mysterious
Rarely simple or mundane
A return to what feels known

(Tks Nada, this was challenging)

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