Saturday, June 21, 2003

Superheros are 'spiritual'-- I'm feeling more resolved.
Excellent match-ups by the way.
'spiritual quest' is on the brain - what and why??
from Aeneid Book VI

...none of us
Has one fixed home. We walk in shady groves
And bed on riverbanks and occupy
Green meadows fresh with streams. But if your hearts
Are set on it, first cross the ridge; and soon
I shall point out an easy path.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Talk perfect birds
flutter funky

Static tree
static free
Back to my original train o thought....
I learned a lot this week about
distancing oneself from one's poems,
allowing the poems to mature, breathe
without too much tampering with the original
Eileen always articulates the things I can't pin down
re: The magic relationship I have with my poems, as w/ friends
--ecstatic, churning, wonderful, privileged, always alive.
however, RAB is my number ONE crush always!
should I dare, why not: Gary on-the-bubble
Booyah... in a big way, thanks Jim
all-right, here's my Blog crushies List (subject to change every odd hour):

10. Ron
9. David
8. Drew
7. Jack - Henry (tied
6. Noah
5. Tim
4. Jim
3. Nick
2. Kasey
1. Jordan

(that was easy enough, but I need an on-the-bubble man...hmm)

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl Jung
a staple book that reminds me of the Piombino journals~~~ fascinating ::fait accompli:: you inspire~~~
Revising and re-revising,
my head has been in a vise
it's over now,
(oh it's never really over)
distilled agave mash - do your thing.

Last night I dreamt I was with Carol, the native Hawaiian
married to an American sports announcer-- we met at a
Luau.....I miss the ocean air, I miss feeling 'one with the
earth' (Andy's expression), no rigid schedules, aspirations,
or worries....I now see why "Yaddo" -a low pressure
retreat for writers- is valuable.
The words 'improve' and 'improvise' share the same root
but in the context of writing poetry have opposite meaning.
Could revisions and first thoughts be somehow similar?

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

You make me feel like a natural woman (courtesy Starbucks
I'll hum that one throughout my day... have a good one
The sheep are shedding
downy tufted seeds of milkweed
delicate dream - pom pom floats

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

City, Fox and Costumes

She adapted years ago
except on Halloween.
The black monkeys would make
strange splattering art, squealing
pouring paint wherever they went.
The ghosts would chant all night
leaving her hungry & confused
enemy dogs were scared
and mice became scarce
except for
gumdroppings, insects or worms.
Three November days and nights,
city fox dreamt of succulent ducks.

--slow edits ... in the works--
Eva Speaks from Trinidad

Vi Tole bub Lelel sid Easi

Cinty Hah fil Fodda
sue Flowrn

Walt reily Lu Spit

Ina Tupe marg Oldi
anna Trico

Stepis Toni
doc Hir P.P. poy

Izi Ann St. ear

btw, pedantry isn't a negative, it creates
refined high standards...ie. classically trained
dancers who turn to modern dance are almost
always superior in form.
Nada, yes AbOlone is deliberate...with the "?"
In truth, I had intended to use the proper word, but the
typo slipped in and I liked it better...thks for asking!!

Reading 'in the present' -- the daily logins of others -- is exciting.
What uphill battle?
I read Celan to understand-- privilege
I read Koch to understand-- passion
I read Lorine to understand-- solitude
Doing nothing more than a twiddle
from a lucid buzz on line
how happy!
West <------> East
The waterways are colossal
"Bodhisattva-Heroes have
no separated individuality"
The reality is
we think
we strive

Monday, June 16, 2003

blogger yodel curdle hurdle fertile (done)
stoke a curfew
tickler files &

******Try using this camera ^^^^^^^^^^

experimental. . .
potential. . .
extract intelligence and what is left?
intrigue for whom
double click announcement cannot be serious
When He Goes

Little boy held
by her big stretched
index finger
Little boy gurgles
so us
very well
Little boy tumbles
stamps then swells
So weiiii
little boy pack'd

To unstartle the mind

schedule no borders

move apart outlines


me o my 'opitimize' --
sometimes I'll purposely distort a word/s,
but this time I didn't...(rushing around as usual)
o Blog myself silly in the imperfect mirror

Paul Celan's poetry >> poignancy epitomized

on the summit slopes,
no col-

Border snow and
its odour that
auscultates the posts and
their road-sign shadows,
declaring them

into the thorn-covered
rock recess. (Get drunk
and call it

My shoulder frost-sealed;
rubble owls perched on it;
letters between my toes;

that you assumed
in the language shadow,

to those
I lead my blood,

those image lines, them
I'm to harbour
in the slit-arteries
of my cognition--,

my grief, I can see,
is deserting to you.

of this world. All things twice over

The strong clocks justify
the splitting hour,

You, clamped
into your deepest part,
climb out of yourself
for ever.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Standard Spells

Magnetic loops gather around a particle
Flourescent center of raindrop pulling materials
Invites visitor too small to see the solar wind
I tried getting into Robert Lowell; didn't register at that time.
Job Change

Make mistakes - go
shine up bloody fingers
Paramount -
clean give under table
comfort never said
Rate first frust, yes "f"
dines, repeats every

The Aires

Serious head style
heart fire

Where's Dad? hopefully out getting bagels or something...
perfect day for baseball-bbq (no fake boat ride)
no fear, sweet summer's here!
Love and thanks to he who :
protects, hugs, kisses, goofs around, stories aloud,
draws cartoons, bbqs, plays ball, sings, cares, cries,
cuddles, is...strong everyday...Amazing------> Dad

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