Saturday, June 28, 2003

100 & Rising

Holy? occupied and weary
Child, my stupid minded days
And nights cloud the vapors
Word travels
I clasp your hand,
.... holler down destiny
.... heart
to outlast fever
Lover's quarrel aftermath
Do you mind reverse publishing?
Glad to know
our best

"ok, I'm over it"
Wonderful, now you
look down and push
your thoughts where
the night should be
I'm finding
it easier
these days to isolate
the problem
Gender Unknown

I'm sure,
are you?
Application beauty
as though the caramel
lump in your throat
gooed down
where you know we will go
and I giggle Isn't this sweet
Let us sleep with hairnets

Friday, June 27, 2003

Patience: a beloved baseball team finally wins,
but now the letdown ?? thorns will be thorns

side link innovations - hypnotic effects - & Latin!
When teen pop grows up, it stays teen pop
.............say that quickly 3 times in row
.........................Christina and Justin party on
Diamond Soul

Here they come
cleaners singing reggae sweeps
captivity forward down, upside
& spinning behind

Staged sorrow
Queens & Princesses
tumble on better still Kingston
funk guitars declare no war

"She's my little hot and cold."
love it.
Patience: a virtue I am learning to acquire
Patience: friendly on certain days
Patience: how you try to nurture
(normally a new poem would follow...
the following is from my forthcoming
book radish)


Sore thumb today
which might keep her
out of school

I follow you but
you'll have to find me--
city of the faraway people

We have sit down
dinners occasionally,
weird I miss Korean

corner ramen stealing
Haagen Daz chips
before he got some

You have no idea
what it's like to live
happy, according to

Dali, you I
aren't me

In my story
you float you move
me I move us we move

You, now what can be sweeter
than what can be...

Mandolin playgrounds,
and Monday left
my residence

Composed without reason--
cause of a conflict
when laughter rains.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Eileen and the steamy White Dress !
wait there's more: Eileen and the tall gorgeous blonde
And now I will go off and do my duty-- attend a luncheon bbq
which I am resisting because certainly one of those blondes
will be there...but Eileen, I shall now be cheerful!!
Forum (in progress)

Lion turtles

Chimp champions
Fossil spear-heads

Chardonnay cork-screw
Apertif licorice
Raspberry commentary
Cordial and mint

Mercury ram pool-
Side informant -dive swim dive
Cookbook literature
Fiction resume

As is

I was enjoying the break in font mode that came with
the 3-D 'canvas'...now it's gone, Times Roman I will miss you.

bright white, black
Scenes hear
the place in
Instant sound
of ripple
Any color alive
will find
a surface

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

off to go sun-crazy ...later

I'm not sure what he specifically asked for
re: Tests Of Poetry
A good poem always ~commands attention
~always to be reread, also demands that I
become ~more critical of my voice,
usually cutting back or chiseling an edge,
~a competitor's craving ~better, better, best
Slang, streets, and outdoor cafes- it's steaming up outside
...........courtesy of my idol Monica K
The Brooklyn band Jets To Brazil is just now touring
behind its third album, last fall's Perfecting Loneliness.
The original tour was canceled due to illness
(her description of their music)
"I still think these guys take their
poetic fervor a little too seriously."
Yo Monica, I'd agree.
French Bread

It is making love
in the throws of summer
how butter slinks
Gypsy Fury

Keep in mind the walking idea
on steady hills

Time for momentary
squat the power

True! sound the conch
...........& horn

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

so finally: If you could be a rock star, who would that be?
Jump in the dumpster and what do you find.
(scroll below, the original will not be corrected)
not much ... is ... Great ...
the heart knows
Great baseball players
Great painters
Great teachers
Great veterinarians
Great waiters
Great writers
are good at what they DO... so,

Jump into the pile and what do you find.

Stick around, I'm not done.
Why would a poet care to be ranked as a critic;
why would a critic care to be ranked as a poet;
why does anyone care about critici'zing'
unless the poet/critic is marginally... (fill in the blank)

Criticism for the sake of personal clarity seems honest
Criticism for the sake of the ego...

Jump in the dumpster and want do you find.

three cheers for younger poets:
brilliant & fully formed & mysterious
Enjoy NY!
Close your eyes 3, 2, 1 take a flying jump
...............................best feeling in the world
Indistinquishable cars like ants, no--you will not fall.
All the way to the observation level
you are going to have to climb up
where there is a steel needle
on the top, be strong
content, lots of it!!
Bravo- beautifully expressed
The average temperature and density of the universe
are held constant through the creation of new matter
and energy as the universe EXPANDS. --steady state theory
4) Daily triumph diagram (above)
3) I need to plot out the weekly diagram:
5-day focused motion, 2-day frenzied stead
2) I need to prepare the monthly diagram:
The Transitional Nature of Neurosis
first I need to construct a diagram:
The Four Seasons of Neurosis
good therapy should be for free
nothing is incurable
tears of rage are imminent...
why don't humans pour like the rain
8 X 8
"I am even grateful for being enraged"
naked anger. spare. bold. beauty if cluttered
(HE just broke into my sentence)(&(&(&(&
I was saying)...is only {god's} attempt to see
if patience can be identified as a quality known
as grace...clatter clutter mutter monster I cannot
help your jerkiness right now...I am not your saviour

Monday, June 23, 2003

The girl at the coffeehouse was very considerate.
She told me to ungrip my fingers and smile.
And now I hear the pretty music,
My day has just begun.
What Unsolved Chaos
-a poem
Enjoy the harder times that go in my ears, in my in
Stop & say hi on the children's chalking corner
Leap & sermon takeover audiosystems
Introvert inverts inert "I'd like to weather you better"
drum up
Lazy spell
rather than
be tardy

don't go
foreign song
too complicated
paint brushes

unsolved --
what puzzle?
eye intensive
it feels
like it

Sunday, June 22, 2003

The Harvard Law link-
provided by JB early in the morn-
confirms / validates one's impulse
to blog: self-reliant Emersonians (with
a twist of Reggae, Beatles, Dylan in the mix)

I'm starting to feel like I'm at summer camp
(to the tune of:
Miss Susie had a baby ... she
named him Tiny Tim... she put
him in the bath tub, to see if he
could swim ... etc)
"Well yes she is a blogger ...
her name is xyz ... I think I'll
play a song for her, & sometimes
sing off key"

ahhh summer camp, stay forever
I woke up and the first thing I thought about was
*Chris Murray*-- is she a blogger, then why is she
not on my links list?...well yes, she is a blogger
and for some reason I was unaware, until now*!*
and woops reading down Chris's blog just now I
learn about Deborah Pattillo, another link to add.

A Superhero Galleria !! with more uncanny match-ups...
I just needed to say -blush- after reading the response/comments
to my 'list' -spoof, sexist, or not- seriously all of the Bloggers on
that list and everyone on my links have been extraordinarily nourishing
both for mind and spirit...I appreciate the inclusion! this is quite the special arena.

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