Saturday, July 12, 2003

Hopscotch* on Hopscotch* at tex files


Hunted, rather than be
living on the streets around the
world charting to improve all of this
All of these conditions

I detect an improvement
travelling among stars - house on
the corner - rolls royce, a shapely smile
Outrageous prayer my wind

Trouble us a good living
ruthless near a lark ever
trying ...trying trying ...sad
A dangerous time jumping

A lazy dream in early morning
mill day noon day forgive me
being tired, rather I
Would be charting

Friday, July 11, 2003

There is an uncollected poem O'Hara wrote
around that time ['57] called
What if we hadn't
had such great names? that captures some of the
flavour of those heady days in the '50s, when the
art world looked to New York for its inspiration, and
the city's artists, it seemed, could do no wrong.

What if we hadn't had such great names?
What if we had been called
Gilbert Kline, Jonathon Pollack, Cyril
O'Hara, Jennifer Krasner, Timothy Rivers,
Philip Tate?...
We were lucky people, lucky to be living
then and in NYC. Quelle chance! Lucky
(watch out posterity, here we come!)
that we had such great names.

--from Boyd's Nat Tate An American Artist


This morning two birds the size and heft
of dandelion puffs traded sounds
like pebbles knocked together.

-Malcolm Davidson
btw, the new Bill Frisell cd is great,
African influenced, wonderful players
ok, all this mention of Cat Power, it's time
to give a listen at Borders later on...I'm
reminded of Cat Flour the garage group
that I worked with a few years ago...
but I don't miss the pretense of my being
a musician...for sure.
Watched colorful "Frida" last night & couldn't help myself
from picturing desperate Madonna doing it, tho Salma
handled it fine. The critics & Hollywood adored this film,
I was lukewarm throughout until the burning bed at the
end. The story was predictable, the overt devices made
the tragedy garish & nonsympathetic. Then I picked up
Wm Boyd's attractive Nat Tate An American Artist: 1928 -
1960 & felt reconnected. Many pictures from the 50's
NY artist-poet group -Boyd is an excellent writer-
instantly transporting...The great sadness of this quiet
& moving monograph is that the artist's most profound
dread- that God will make you an artist but only a mediocre
artist- did not in retrospect apply to Nat Tate
. --Bowie

Thursday, July 10, 2003

bachelorette soup turns to snow
humid here - Vichyssoise anyone?
Cold Noodle

Kidscrew rubberbands
beat another day

Tennis strokes on rosewood lawn
master tricks

Handstand hoop distracted
grown-ups know
the word for this

Touching template settings is dangerous, what if...
Flood of enjoyment: errors can evaporate in a flash
Enjoyment: removing the itches in my archives

Baby Poet
"...the green parrot with red eyes"

Near the end the devil rode off bareback
telescopic atonement

Father destiny the kettle chime

Character in the early fog salt air
a meta-body

Felicity first steps solid

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Giant Wave

Tsunami that cut
middle of
soil from the hills
big puddle
is spotless

Hurray, I'm Katie Degentesh today!
and running late...
Sovereign remedy... the absorber for all shocks
that flesh is heir to... The past 15 years of my life
have been spent discovering that...-the so-called
eternal verities- are false... (God) won't answer
not even in the silence of the night
_____________________________-Shelby Foote
To Walker Percy:

Your new ability to read poetry!... The eggheads
call the turn, you know; especially the French which
are the pointiest kind

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Bending copper for the Irish pub
fiddle bagpipes spout
same pump
After seeing computer capabilities
first time on a trip
pounded to size
i need
Planet Research

Unmanned probes
the protected
--cr ate rs
................ --They think


The wonder ball
quickly ___ kicks

from Brian! click on WIND FACE WIN BLOW
(make sure to move cursor over the words)

No one is watching the flocking angels
West over the imported sunset
A century old bronze sea
A small red banana
A third place continent
Fourth place string cello
A score A decade A sweet lemon
Yellow part of the egg that is civil
Pompeii ash covered everyone in its way

Monday, July 07, 2003

Title Edit

Dirty worm anthropod
truth of revolution A
concurrent isn't an answer B
refuses to shop over parasite 1
hour of steak boring -outs the light
A template nightmare - 17 href links to add/retrieve - just do it
My love
Whose body is beautiful causing the seasons
A sturdy white church
Among cold green trees

-Jordan Davis
Two Gates

The French named a University after Valery
& I am collapsing into the shafts of indecision
To polemics: best regards to shameful bag
punching, childish commitment & semiotics

On behalf of Swedish highlights, there went
Stockholm, good riddance hodge podge
Inside the big top, the dancing divas hook
To the side, comparative to what?

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Fact: don't template during a storm

The bottom third of my side links wiped out?
there it is
next comes the sun & the pot of gold
hailing !!
Midwest thunderstorms are loud
& sp. of Joe, a new discovery - Harlequin Knights
The names below = unsatisfactory ...
the son I never had would've been
a Joseph- joey = I yearn for a son

Naming the Next Generation
--The NY Times Magazine 7/03
Girl / Boy baby names popular by 2010

1. Emma / Ethan
2. Olivia / Connor
3. Isabella / Jaden
4. Grace / Cole
5. Alexa / Jack
6. Sophia / Caleb
7. Chloe / Liam
8. Destiny / Julian
9. Lily / Elijah
10. Mia / Owen
11. Ava / Tristan
12. Jade / Dominic

Clever valence
quiet tongues
"love eats death"
If you chose crown enamoured
fearless nectar surrounds the mote
In the fireplace of return
the reward is a hospice
Great reserves of gold
the hostess serves
Tarts for believers
ripe cherry drool
meal, go subtle

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