Saturday, July 26, 2003

"I'm drinking piglet juice."
RE: Auster's last anectode in the "The Red Notebook"

I presumed that Q-U-I-N-N was a set-up or practical
joke ... I'm curious if anyone else reading it thought this.

upon Eileen's mention of Auster's The Art of Hunger:

And the poem is NOT built out of words, one
cannot make a poem by sticking words into it,
it is the poem which makes the words and
contains their meaning....When the man is
frightened by a word, he may have started....

__________George Oppen, from "Notes on Prosody?"

Friday, July 25, 2003

Yellow post-it note, now says:
"Sorry mucho stupid(o)" ...
I say,
I like their stories,
keep on telling.

Blue ever After

A person's mixed reaction
Cyberspace vs Humanness
thinking that we text better
anger in your voice same
dejected done-me
wrong tavern

Requesting a change of scenery, no pressure-
pole dancing for fun

But addicted to bottled water, ?
put a pole in your house
Pole dancing seems risque<>latest craze<>unleashed
Actually it's about getting rid of fear

=== simply orange ===
People who love red, they fall fast
they fall hard...what about orange?
Darryl -sugar- in an hour
poetry/money/poetry/money ...
glad I straightened
that out
Summer School

Serene writing
burns the night oil
she observes
tame differences
utterly and steeped
in the visit

Daughter relax
I've signed the permission
slip to the garden
menu tasting
jicama, snap pea, tomato
allergies you've passed

Thursday, July 24, 2003

I believe someone knows what I'm talking about:
A July Quietutde

to agree,

...spoon-fed information can be blase
sometimes I know what I'm talking about
but avoid making it too clear
sometimes I know what I'm talking about
but it's not easy to make it clear...
Goosebumps II

Envelopes and memories force
The artist books found under
A northern continent

Swim swam draw people some
As far away as Australia on
California gold search

Pole of the year fled the quaint
Raccoons wearing black as mask
Curly tails from the meet

Break the synonym for mousy
Numbers missing people wait on
Expensive fountain passing

Master TV-land boast
Doug or Lucy bewitched Camille shows
Placate adoption shower

Artichoke Napa Valley
Stamp tasting freedom gapes

The rules the intimate hosts go by

Peace & Serenity
bliss follows on Mini
5 1/2 day
driving like a bridge
& G
"shall lay me down"

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

It’s so exhausting to be original.

And yet more exhausting not to be.
:the centre is filled with:
liquid exports
wind wings
creme de cocao
font choices
chewy bubble
If you'd call my name out loud,
if you'd call my name out loud
Do you suppose that I would come runnin
do you suppose I'd come at all
I suppose I would,
you know I would
____________--Dispatch, "Out Loud" (sweet song)
no one saw a missing c
Eastern Limits

New York City is in what state
a kleenex box, a pyramid, a rectangular prism

Dog tires after school, growling all day
blizzards and packs of wolves

How many sides of the quadrilateral
how many sides of the quire

Swim swam draw people some
As far away as Australia on
A northern continent

Pole of the year fled the quaint
California gold search

Raccoons wearing black as mask
Curly tails from the meet

Break the synonym for mousy
Numbers missing people wait on
Doug or Lucy bewitched Camille
Master TV-land boast shows

Expensive fountain passing

Envelopes and memories force
The artist books found under placate
Adoption showers
Artichoke Napa Valley
Stamp tasting freedom gapes
The rules the intimate hosts go by

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

non-dithering...lost my bottom links...what else is new

What is the midnight sun? what is a tollway?
The opera retells a story of an old lady,
pigeons singing and throwing
her cane in the air:
binocular bottoms
monoplane stop sign
driving in Milan or
middle of London
Which is the Cowboy
State color of the butterfly
riding camels in Siberia? or
sighting owls off the dim launching

...or try three at once: kiwi, mango, l-i-m-e...
...the jelly belly one flavor at a time ...
...a train clang passes on time...
...quick fix-it fine until nexxxxt time...

Of urgency maybe a safari through pasts,
Pastis, pasta, pastors
Coming to hear me aright
In my need to not that, not that, not that either.

--Million Poems
The Podunk Cares

I was trying to understand that line
written yesterday, omitted today

I know its meaning, I will try to clarify:
writing poetry from the viewpoint of

Ignorance, is what she'll do

The following from Kensho The Heart of Zen by Thomas Cleary
"The unmanifested potential before time--
a black tortoise turns toward fire."
...turning toward a fire represents the
turning point of the Zen stages known
as coming from within the absolute and
arriving with the relative.

"Probing pole in hand, surrounded by a reed blind,
sometimes he wraps a ball of silk in iron, sometimes
he wraps a special stone in silk, it is surely right to
settle pliability by firmness; what about being weak
when meeting strength?"
______________________Zen Koan

"Kick over the ocean, and dust flies on earth.
Scatter the clouds with a shout, and the sky
itself shatters. Strict execution of the absolute
imperative is still but half the matter: how is
the total manifestation of the greater potential
set up?"
___________________Zen Koan

Nick soon to be logging in Pacific Time-
have a great trip.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Vanishing Twin

Two worlds unfold at a parallel pace.
One is my faint but stalwart hope,
one a distant shape, like a black dog
in a field.

-Kasey Silem Mohammad
She Sends Me Clippings

Forging to the next level of music, mother
& bless your heart: Are you listening now
The aggressive melody refusing to be
the Mary Oliver poem,
the life you understand
My outside in
kneeling to
the talk disguised
as a she-right
And tomorrow it'll fill again, exclusive
and knocking, pride dividing grief into
emptiness sponsers my midsummer fun
Every time you speak, you promise an escape

In a striking passage in his autobiography, Levi-Stauss
points out that the invention of writing had a hand in
enslaving humanity. In fact, until the invention of print-
ing, writing represented the secret and sacred knowledge
of a large number of bureaucratic castes. Even today
writing is unilateral communication
[not true in blogville]:
reading a book stimulates our receptivity and imagination,
but sometimes neutralizes our sensibility and paralyzes
our critical sense. Closing the book, we are unable to
inform the author that we disagree. A book, in a sense,
robs us of the right and pleasure of answering back.
That is why Plato mistrusted the written word and
preferred the spoken one.

Octavio Paz, from "The Verbal Contract", Convergences

Sunday, July 20, 2003

O there is a god named cut n' paste!
oh yea, good-night
Apparently something is very wrong
with my computer, a terrible virus is
running roughshot. I will have to let
go of all links that I'd previously typed
in--starting from scratch again, with a
prayer-- tomorrow.
My nerve is up, I am starting to template
gingerly ... adding a new link, or two, or
more ... I would like to start adding in
some blogs I'm unfamiliar with ... The
order is random <> No politics involved

Finished for now.... but my archives ??
Defining the Wish

You weren't meaning to cut my golden years
-a short sibling cries- an elaborate scene
-a sales pitch mechanism. My code,
punching in hours, elaborate unseen.
Tell the truth of our snorkling
& playtime & music unlimited
eye popping magic to sponge
bopping cereal bars: doing my
work for me.

I was even willing to sell *wishcraft*
spell candles in ugly boxes while
sorting through the categories:
Love, Money, House Blessing, Health,
Career, Romantic Laws, Spirituality
in color coordinated candles and scents.
However, candle magic is akin to
prayer, and both require faith, it says so
in the text.

We need: divine acts of change and
assurance and familiar words from
centuries ago now smell the aroma, ahh
whispers of incense in 21 segments the
candles burn devotion to the dieties, so
communicate this on Sunday, it doesn't
have to be poetic, it is hot one can barely
blow them out.

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