Saturday, August 09, 2003

Modest Remains of Love

In modern relationships overstated gratitude spills like
the tangerine fizz

Skinning _a pain_ or taint off oblivion [i]/i//i/[i] here
I shall

Find... search... enter thoughts: know

Nothing deceitful happened insatiable sleeping essence
is recovered

Cuts are minor red-outs and the same smack of theme
stands under

Plan of action: tomorrow is my whole ricashe
to prove otherwise

Sub-serve the ones who brought back pure to
the tuning fork

OUch and disgusting for a perfect day easily

Lude beyond gorgeous obsessional... rave on let us
see voluntary nouns

______Intervals of a Different Character_____

l The vertical
l plumb l
l line

quick sketches never indicate a curve_______
_________a branch in a landscape for example
____________being aware of its relationship____to the vertical

My curves

are not mad
never should

the confident hand

overshadow my feelings

Renoir once said:

Arrange a bouquet then turn
to the unexpected side
for the purpose of

cut to the quick in color________adapted: Henri Matisse's Jazz

Friday, August 08, 2003

about the exclamation point's (usually I use them for cheery)
containment of urgency that recalls adolescent forms of
jubilant release, I suppose--some wanting of a way
to just say, *hey! everything's wonderful

!! !! !
! ! !!!!!
!! !! !! !! !! !!!


The need ...
....to mitigate this cramp of conscience....

Sublimation means nothing less than the
alchemist's trick of turning the base into the
noble, the bad into the good, the useless into
the useful.

Anyone who knew how to do this would be
certain of immortal fame.

Unfortunately, the secret of converting
energy without the consumption of a still
greater quantity of energy has never yet
been discovered by the physicists

--Jung on Freud's theory of sublimation

Thursday, August 07, 2003

An example of wanting to understand {through my own verse}
incomprehensible suffering, {frustrated attempt below}---it's
nearly impossible to write a poem without firsthand experience,
but I tried.
Safari Reel

An African

The rule
fat crickets
frying &{gleeful}

Sympathetic wont
rising at _______ dawn I mince

I was wrong about squawkbox, no sound accomodations, more
instant messaging for what purpose? ... audblog audblog -later
Sporadic head chemistry -security alert -I feel like Jack outa box.
Shipped to you via Airborne, swift flying comment denominators.
A squawkbox for aural communication - as in instant audblog,
video virtuals are next!

To a Prophet

The blood circulates, skeptics don't realize
how matter of fact :: triglyceride enzymes

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

C. P. 1993

Having no choice whether or not
```to accept ``deliberate

percussive bells``

Air of thorough balance

flute eye

To the cliff

` ` s

Jeffery Middleton, illustrator for Merriam-Webster's
Collegiate Dictionary 11th edition {issued last month} says:

The advantage of the pen-and-ink pictures over
photographs is that "you can emphasize certain
aspects...closer to the abstraction of what the item is."

10,000 new words & meanings-- totaling 165,000
230 new illustrations-- totaling 725

were among new technological words that Middleton
believes will date quickly, therefore no illustrations

illustrations removed: GRAND TOURING CAR, MUZZLE,
HAMMERLOCK, PINATA -(tends to be a violent image,
seems incongruous in a collegiate dictionary)-?

RAMPANT- the only non-noun new illustration -(should
be arousing.)

-lifted from Times magazine 8/3/03

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

About 23

cologned hard typing

spike-hair performance

greased & blaring orbitz
screen handling


monster osity

Pale blue & yellow she was
glued on sidewalk sitting
perfect monkey
poised in shadow talky

     f   i  n g e r s  dance

Connecticut{t} "It's not a state, it's a sentence."

The whole thing, as Cassie also mentioned in her intro,
is a way out of the self / constriction of self conscious-
ness (and so also a way out of being ‘blocked’ or unable
to produce) that is, one poet is always being prompted
by the other poet, and reverse, and the relentless nat-
ure of the third party, the mail – all of these processes
acted out in the reading last night -

______________________________-Stephanie Young

Monday, August 04, 2003

____Senegal Glass____

*)(*)*)* Sequined **()(*)(*

in tender laughter__secret army of angels

     in no sense 

surrounds you

{{{{{Dreary work`````wayward intolerance

 growing slowwww siiic                               

sacrifice teases

^^Unpluck_+_+_the harp

==================to a skipper's prayer

      waves  on  sous verre

O you strangely lightening reality--
-----------is there an amphora
for my few drops of oil of roses?

-Edith Sodergran
License Plates

I rushed past
glanced in
the woman
had Aum 94 tags
---clear headed---
my assumption

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Which New Brutalist Are You?
I am James Meetze -ha ...very suave ...a dashingly good dresser.
You strongly desire to bring emotion back into "innovative"
poetry, yet you disdain pure confessionalism. You are the
spokesperson for The New Brutalism and behind that charming
smile and those shiny western shirt snaps, you are secretly
planning world domination. You love kittens, which shows
your true sensitive side. Your poems make people weep
Kasey, thank you! Allow me to mention that
"Unix 2" was co-written with Jordan & is one
of my favorites, a sensation of levitating as
Jordan and I exchanged lines back & forth.

        B I R T H D A Y

Yesterday a book arrived, I am its happy author

         radish by Li Bloom


Collaborations with painter Mary Burke & poet Jordan Davis

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