Saturday, August 16, 2003

Painted Face

.... for me .... or not for me

------------- prisoner has thick skin
--------prisoner thick
----prisoner has

Where turning on a back street
no Grand motel - tickles me

Telephone clickety

Go where Veronica? go where from here
--------------I want to go
and lie down on tracks and pretend
the headlight will save you from
the night
time time

time time


time time time

Give a damn for man
who cannot slick advertise
Would you write a poem for me today?
anti-flow oxygen low : I'd write one for you
nervous system, resolution, slow changes ahead
*strictly a home-life situation...
Resentment of chaos*
Chaos of resentment
Resentment of chaos
Chaos of resentment
Resentment of chaos
Chaos of resentment
Resentment of chaos
Chaos of resentment

Friday, August 15, 2003

"We took pictures of Times Square not lit up,''
Fulbright said, as she sipped a warm Sprite.

-The Associated Press
Lamps & Notice

Last year Nanny Sally told me what to do when Fred
threw me -please pause the frame- in the car I woke
Sarah was snoring, the tv turned off by itself. It
didn't hurt

my tooth pulled out by itself, it broke fast like a bell

Carly wants one sausage, one hashbrown, pancakes
Can I get two hashbrowns, oj, and pancakes
Sarah wants pancakes with one hashbrown and oj

bell-- and the popcorn that you promised yesterday

Does swimming without me bother you? A push-up
please - you stole a poem & call yourself an artist
best of all my beloved

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Power began to come back in some cities as afternoon
turned to evening, but officials said full restoration would
take hours longer...
-AOL news brief
Henry's SOUND!!
"Turn this crazy bird around" *

Trouble is on my side
breaking like the wave's
slash)-& I will have to take this flight
to get away, this much down is a
mad shovel ... my hand hears sharp))
slap against the glass ... remember it
will improve slightly, to your liking
in 96 hours 5 people will be surprised
(This is true without superstition
approached by the sun I went someplace
I had never been, reckless shares
being gentle with your seed

*title quote- Joni Mitchell
(Apologies to my friend Li Bloom for
the oversupply of tangerine fizz!)

I wrote that poem -8/9/03- "Modest Remains of Love"
during the turmoil of the moment then realized that
the poem had become an 'overstated' self-parody.

"In modern relationships overstated gratitude spills like
the tangerine fizz"

Context: "overstated gratitude spills"
when 'two' people who have been
struggling to Love one another -in
the unconditional sense- is undermined
by all-or-nothing promises/expectations.

Nick, I implore you to spill gratitude, your
fizz is

fetching - f a b u l o u s

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Not ready for Paris.

This time.

Everything that fits between my two circular arms.

-Sawako Nakayasu

I have been spying on the frozen dolls
stealing sips from slushies ... floss and
wysteria sweep through the spearmint
garden bees & blue raspberry velvet
cold in my mouth

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

That deliberate presence lovingly given is a gift...
poetry will at least have stood next to me at the
party, winked her eye, and handed me a glass
full up with something sparkling-full-of-baby

-vision from Johanna
Rounds (written years ago, seems relevant today)

The point of her pen
Filled the moon
She held the ball
In a melon spoon

The calico curled its
Front to tail
In symbol One
Her lion sun.

Which point mystic
To what end
Had crystal balls
Been her friend?

Once tying the knot
To fill a ring
Became 'all for one'
Squaring her song.

Just grab those typos and shake them out.

**A dramatic thorn stabbing through the heart
of a rosebud (cover photo design) aptly depicts
the narrative poetry of Eileen Tabios' **

Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole

Fervor, murmurs and purrs; fantasy, fleeting
human relationships, flights of adventure,
impossible certainty, uncertainties, lust-desire,
memories; fully winged & eyelashed; unafraid
to dream, venture, tremble, discover, categorize:

You say the rice cooker is flirting with
its lid; I say I AM DROWNING IN AIR.
I know why you became a businessman...Such
calmness can be convenient

Nothing must be silenced. There must be color.
Like the color of
Wet: RED.

Thank you ET for your gift!

Monday, August 11, 2003

about to read Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole
Eileen's book of poetry & a full moon tonight

gollie space doggy planet - I took Kasey's quizmo test
& got jammy L_A_N_G_U_A_G_E quip tongue polka dots
From now on the poem of the future will be classical,
imperial, existentialist,......pure substance sounds

of ceremony

of decline

Of contrast
buried fruit weather

Cool and melancholy

...children can invent adorable words,
but adults must play it perfect or else...

Sunday, August 10, 2003

For amusement today, reading Dali's The Unspeakable Confessions...
Julie comes up to me, combs through my bangs, and says
"Did you just take a shower, your hair looks so prettyful."

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