Saturday, August 23, 2003


The disturbing part
never leaves, that is why a brain
chooses to alleviate, that is why this brain
found a direct method.
I hope to never
need an out-vent
locked down in
a private space,
in private
Ha! private
as ever.
Attention dwindles, attention wants a partner,
forget attention high-pitched and flagrant
pass the hor d'oeurves,
silver tray rosettes with dipping sauce.
The guests have just called
informing us
The disturbing part
never leaves...
uga buga & you are not dressed

Friday, August 22, 2003


on Friday

a mute florist
& the phlox
& tiger lillies appreciate
desecrating foe

Ado-noi hands spread
then collectively the words are done

h e r m a k i n g

Just to say: Mom, Happy Birthday!


Thursday, August 21, 2003

The winter wind re-nails me,
respirations of the divine
In and out, a cold fusion.
Such dire lungs.
The sun goes up and the sun goes down,
small yelps from the short weeds.
Listen up, Lord, listen up.
The night birds sleep with their wings ajar.
Black branches, black branches.

from "Lives of the Saints"
Black Zodiac, Charles Wright

S p a meta
c physical
i o u
bomb d i g gedy - compact
xxxxx,.,.x,.,.,.xx not enough voltage

ooooooo< + >00000000 is
OOOO< >ooooo
oooo< + >OO everywhere
a book of

>-< a book of a book o f ?<+>


Sex is a part of death;
that much I know.
Your voice was earth,
your eyes were glacier-blue.
Your slender torso
& long-stemmed American legs
drape across
the huge blue western sky.


I want to tell you "Wait,
don't do it yet."
Love is poison, Anne,
but love eats death.

-Erica Jong, "Dear Anne Sexton, II"
I pity the writer who cannot eventually give torment a
reckoning voice. Cathartic way was Anne's way all the
way. The martyr never dies, the martyr renews life.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

racing around today ... need to slow down
: poetry books borrowed from the library :

Charles Wright, Black Zodiac
John Yau, Forbidden Entries
Anne Sexton, Selected Poems Of

Today life opened inside me like an egg
and there inside
after considerable digging
I found the answer.
What a bargain!
There was the sun,
her yolk moving feverishly,
tumbling her prize --
and you realize that she does this daily!
I'd known she was a purifier
but I hadn't thought
she was solid,
hadn't known she was an answer.

-from "Live", Anne Sexton

Autumn gusts of air, dense light returns,
I will be a better gardener next season-
you'll see.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Right now my mother and stepdad are playing tennis
with the girls.
They have already transplanted their lily roots into
the garden.
They are heading out to the waterpark soon.

Mom saw the cover of my poetry book and said:
Pretty ... why 'radish'?


I have wanted to declare her name.
I have wanted to declare her as eternal flame.
I have wanted to view her as my mentor.
I have wanted her love as an entity.
We are opposite in not all matters.
We have very different minds.
We place children at the center.
We are tethered.
________ENTERTAINMENT ZONE__________

______guests arriving this afternoon______
_________feng shui-ing the toys__________
_________cobwebs good-bye____________
_______how'd all this junk get here________
______scrapes, wiggles, dinosaurs________

Monday, August 18, 2003


Everything fantastic, every floatie
Sister's one good friend excels, no movie
Star job --or anything
Like it

Do you think you have a relative like mine?

The smaller family definitely better
-not much
in the bank-
Will occupy dollar
Store persuasion always
Something floppy

Best feature personality excels
So you think you have a relative
Like mine?
Give her one great towel
Wandering all day & delirious

Anxious baseball drill

Sold under one broad umbrella
We think the smaller family won't need
Movie star & lemon cola fly-ribs or anything
Like it

An announcement picks up

through the arch lines
offsetting the rumble boards


priceless dew strudel lime water
a place should be heard

Sunday, August 17, 2003

entitled to be coy...
I see nothing wrong with trying to sit in a room
and turn out stuff that will repay rereading. It
makes something kind of solid, or at least in its
own terms hard to improve. I'm not sure I do it,
but that's the effort

-John Updike, interview with M. Sragow/1971
Pop-culture reference : courtesy Overlap :
High Quality Collaborative BlackOut Doggerel

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