Saturday, August 30, 2003

No Blush Freedom

All through sleep
listening for how it is said
His snoring is slight, I begin
to write what I know
All through sleep
concentrating on the voice
of eschewed interest

His snoring reminds me:
Get up take notes

The point being
I think,
I am active
central theme
REMOVE this : : : self-inhibition

(this time I lit the incense
which he despises)

we finish our fun muscle lax

to sleep

write what I feel

Friday, August 29, 2003

Humid Ro c-o-c-o

Air stalls
data thirst
flat economic
Ishmael-in part-Isaac
no bloody dyes
casual Xs
thumping graph

Flat thirst stalling
air this hot
arm heads over dollar
cracked glass tint
light how it bends
in water

Thursday, August 28, 2003


Prince : The Hits / B-sides :


h o t t e s t

I am going to be an Aunt again, any moment now...

"Talons" -poem started yesterday- is a story to develop
for Dr. Andy/ the father/ my 'mellow' brother who
works at Providence Portland Medical Center, chief of
basic immunology/cancer research: (on his latest

"It's kind of a serendipitous story, like all these
things. I just threw this (OX40 stain) in... It was
a whim. My theory is that everybody has luck
at some time, I just recognized it and got on the
right molecule at the right time."

in the Oregonian, interview 8/28/02

He's the coolest brother on the planet &
he taught me how to play the guitar.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Eileen reviews radish:

Can a distinquished book still make a woman feel good?

...(I was referring to books in general) and for me
the answer is an unqualified YES, a good book captures
preserves and extends time... which feels great!

for Andy, Mary, & JW

Like genies
genius in timing
two wished off the lantern

Heat & gravity system together
scarlet cloudtails raced
through the desert

A twisted form
with golden tints behind
its feathered legs appeared:

Feathers have three parts -it said
the end of each is a tiny hook




Majestic wing span
opened the cloud


they recognize

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

They're back keeping it real...
'the baby' asks for hot chocolate
so I go into the cupboard and pull
out the instant- NOOOO, she says,
I want that one -points to the 'pure
one' in a Nestle cocoa tin which I had
used on emergency only one other
time when I was out of the instant
powdered stuff ... so I made her the
real thing- milk sugar cocoa- content

First morning
of semi-quiet
in a house
commotion is the norm;
kids first half-day
back at school,
I am thinking
without intrusion- amazing

Monday, August 25, 2003

Rock bottom day
. teenager in crisis
. PC in crisis
. Phone support over 3 hrs
. Migraine tops^$%#$#^over
The up-side
. Deer Head Nation
. The Frequencies
. autumn in NY
. a Blue Kangaroo
. Sparks from the Tram
. Tympan to Chicago
. banana smoothies
NO more worms in this computer !!

Rate Below Zero

Two days by spaceship
and I hate travelling
The moon has no atmosphere
that makes the moon essentially

The great stars are theatrical,
they communicate hundreds
of premonitions at the right

Sufficient frequent meteorites
anti-gravity bowl shaped
crater pools make every object
float on every other object

You and I could live on the moon,
we would have to bring our
own water food and air,

not only that sun

falling powerless through the floor

Worshipping Frank O

A-B types sexy rhythms
Boy who wants fast uncertainty
Hoisted and caught under miserable
Channels, he'll keep circling
Waves like Stevie

Boy who pretended he was unknowing
Got no rhythm? boring
Boy who was fast on a voice
Bang bang bang an irrepressible
Sinking matter waves like Stevie

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Go in fear of abstractions . . .
Well, possibly. Meanwhile,
They are the strata our bodies rise through, the sere veins
Our skin rub off on.
For instance, whatever enlightenment there might be
Housels compassion and affection, those two tributaries
That river above our lives,
Whose waters we sense the sense of
late at night, and later still.

from "The Appalachian Book of the Dead"
Black Zodiac, Charles Wright

? ? more problems with the home computer ? ?

Internal error report just went out to BLOGGER support,
but I think Abolone is done in this time-
zapped and I don't know why.

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