Friday, September 05, 2003

New nephew born today - I'm chillin for a sec. - too much,
it's all happening so fast .... relaxation isn't meant to be -
Hooray for little Jack!

Dental Hygienists

The forehead alone is never a real problem

Double talk to the back of the problem

Duplicity never an only
or problem
_double talk problem_

My bunny cries for the moon in November.
--Octavio Pazzo

how funny -or sad- such irony,
one wonders
bunch of new poems 'in the werks' --
will be posting small segments sporadically
at some point... maybe later today.

Welcome to Chicago

Last time Tim was here I mentioned via email that the
Highwood Days Festival would be going on. He was
busy finding an apartment and my computer was screwy
at the time, so we didn't meet- drink beers- or go on any
of the freaky amusement park "Windy City" travelling show
rides... an event to catch next summer. But I'm glad
he's in town and we'll party over here soon--festive
confusion--mostly girls-- fun....bring Robin too!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

another good day afternoon,
productivity uninterrupted!
new beginnings-
? what about JW ?
click, then scroll down to Alpha Bettie's...

holes in the ceme nt (trying to fathom
what your mother meant

Not everything is a problem... @*@*@*@

Dad's birthday (1928-1988) today

so their baby should come out ticktickkick

xxx xxx xxx xxx
in a perfect world

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Pass To Midnight

Rattling hiccups,
how long and when will puzzle o'clock.
To grandfather's
spring off little mischief
spin off at the junction
Sept. 3, 2003
marks the first day in over 6 years
where I'll have had 6 1/2 consecutive hours
of controlled quiet,

which amounts to as much sanity & clarity
as can be identified
before this all consuming rocket ride of family
went charging -gratefully- through...

& I wouldn't have it
any other way...

living off love in blind faith <<<<>>>> to the max

yes literally, I need a vehicle at all times- why?
Waiting for a vehicle.
The sky is a flat, matt white. Ocean haze.
My toes are cool.

Pigeon Spots

Clouded and lost
the tall grass black stripes

Nesting pink in Singapore
blanch bird safe
against snow

More on Animals

The mandrill has a bright colored face

are you frightened by clowns?

The hooded crane does a beautiful mating dance

Japanese winter Siberian summer

The layson teal dips and bobs for its food

do you chew daintily
when food tastes good?

The Spanish lynx is a swift hunter, handsome cat

I know a few

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Blithering not enough time - as I rush around -
yet the blog is forgiving. Today's show brought
to you by:

get it down, fix-it later

teenager pushing me over the edge,
tomorrow HIGH School begins ! eegloo !
typo corrections: x3 (no more)

Virgin Birth and Opportunism in the Garden
resourced from Natural Acts, David Quammen

The technical name is parthenogenesis: from the Greek
roots: virgin birth.... rather common throughout nature
(except for dragonflies & mammals) found among:
reptiles, birds, fishes, crustaceans, molluscs, tics,
worms, the African weaver ant; every male honey-
bee is born without any genetic contribution from
a father; 23 species of fruit fly.... but the foremost
practitioner of parthenogenesis are the aphids....

poem in the werks

What is Here?

for Octavio

HERE is shouting is clutter is
tentative is perfection is
Beauty is distraction is nothing
is paradise is business is
meek is playing is
voice is distance is solitude is

is closer
is open

Monday, September 01, 2003

from Convergences, Octavio Paz {an essential top ten-ner}

The sign--any sign--has the property of drawing us on and on.
A perpetual
toward--which is never a here. What writing says
is beyond what is written; what Tantric painting presents does
not lie within it. Where the poem ends, the poetry begins;
presence is not the painted signs we see, but what these
signs invoke.

Sunday, August 31, 2003


There's a certain pace to the persistence of
everything: geese, evergreens, a clock rings
out but it doesn't mean we have to go any-
where in waves or particles
. - {or does it?}

The Frequencies
Noah Eli Gordon

Yes the book is stunning to look at, and yes
inside there is a definitive buzzzzzz.

When read carefully the lyrics seem to be
telling a secret. On each page-station I
found myself trying to fine tune my ear
to listen more intently to 'the message'.

The Frequencies is wildly kinetic
invigorating sound-sense, a challenge for any
reader willing to LISTEN... dare you to try.

Saturday marked this blog’s first anniversary!
Congratulations (i tried the squawkbox
but it was uncooperative) -
I enjoyed your poem.
Or Translucent

Rays, beams, indirect reflections
finally bounce off primary colors
red + blue
blue + yellow
yellow + red

Light's different effects
mixed substances
jz candle flash-ads
tv forest chemical fires
tense oxygen urban angles

Opaque lines .... strike or guide,
smooth, melted
or absorbed


within. . .

far outdistancing the crowded Ego
stapled predictable

- i -

The vowel dropped out of lght
flew off 'n the dark
forced out
& f()re

Bye pancakes,
pommes frtes,
skrt steaks,
boled egg

Neon glow stck
walks the dog
for all the newly

when subjectve

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