Friday, September 12, 2003

This is the wasp man in his suit

This is love coming home
These are speakers
that potentially blow-out
positive-negative wires fry when
mean honey bees
tangled in combs & zippers
This is love coming home
This juice

Thursday, September 11, 2003

To a woman with wings:


Best wishes on your birthday!!

Have a

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

First time listening to Harry Nilsson's The Point! on a walkman
I want the magic genie to allow me to write at least one tune/story
as good as this -doubtful, but I hear why John Lennon/The Beatles
loved him-his sound ...

Sit beside the breakfast table
Think about your troubles
Pour yourself a cup of tea
Then think about the bubbles

You can take your teardrops
and drop 'em in a teacup
Take 'em down - to the riverside
And throw 'em over the side

* * *
And the sea does what it ough'ta
And soon there's salty water
Which is not too good for drinkin'
'Cause it tastes just like a teardrop

...compass needle direction goes where...


r a w a late p

I am hoping to find a moment to stop the chasing,
to have an actual simple experience
without fast computer lines ... invasive & unnatural,
the pace has become sort of pathetic ... ornery
adjustments seem to desensitize my/'the poetry'
I have to develop more patience - combat this
furious pace - find myself planted on earth.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

(re)reading Dubliners (an essential)

Adams' "Hoodoo Zephyr", Thibaudet's Ravel,
Keineg's "Jet", Riley's "Lisbon Concert"

future films:
Altman's docu-drama on the Joffrey, Paltrow's Sylvia

fooling with new forms, regrouping old with new,
rhythmical vs. nonmusical, heavier vs. light,
'catch me by surprise' verse

Fall transition wobbly through September -
good Oct., Nov. Dec. Jan. March- rough,
April May- hopeful to JUNE JULY AUGUST

why did I leave out February -?- could be
that I like 28 days, or could be something else,
or you tell me.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Her kisses wince

her kisses crafted another way

decorate the clay at what temperature
15 minutes it happened entirely on a meddle dish

for every quarter inch

breaking their backs on cement
they'll be right back
_____all grown up
& won't discuss anything ugly

Hi, I am ( Teresa )

doing nothing is rare luxury
the cubes are filled with air








~~~~~cure cubecubecubecube



Sunday, September 07, 2003

from "Cheerleader"


The bold, exceptional smile
straightforward coral pink
sweater & sneakers what else is there to do?

His clear worthwhile attack
torpedoes taken without any argument

* * *

Everybody wants to know
what kicks up in the throat

bottle, dropping it in
pennies arcade
odium clippers

needing somebody to tell me - stop,

you're taking too long
your marathon is prone. . .

talk to a star reporter deny the lifestyle
trust yourself, another issue delivered at the door

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