Saturday, September 20, 2003

_________ Disturbed Customers_________

At the haircutters I faced a mirror for 30 minutes
rambling nonstop to a stranger about things that
a psychotherapist should be hearing... poor lady,
she must be used to it, inches off the brain.

Friday, September 19, 2003

- Diva commerciality -

...... perverse logic .......

Madonna's switch to innocence

A publishing house coup

(why all the proceeds
will be donated to charity

Is this book's publicity deserving,
does it matter ?

Michael Davis, a deliveryman for Domino's Pizza in downtown
Washington, said the storm meant a prosperous time for him.
He was making seven or eight pizza runs an hour on his bicycle
Thursday night and, despite his waterlogged jacket, having a
pretty good time.

''Everybody's tipping a lot better,'' Davis said. ''They've been
very understanding about the fact that the pizza's not going
to be on time.''

go Michael, -Associated Press

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Forwarding Document

         I will

confirm the hurry in Autumn,

my partner down in Nashville

is the better storyteller
let me be
,more spe ci fic

Waking to the clap of newspapers
the telephone rings breaking my
Anne Elizabeth
tell him we must be selfish

Borne before

the celebration
resting on the bench

a question

Loving,  we will 

pound the smoke
plead in the morning
to be tardy
Loving well,
to rupture the devil
& don't be lazy
corners chaos
chips the paint
removes part song

Blogging still intrigues me ... I find my error/s,
then instantly make a correction/edit and think
why can't the world be this tidy?
"Writers should not sit alone and tremble in the dark."
"There is something almost churchlike about a public
reading now. You go to remind yourself that you are
not the only one who believes in it."
Times re: this weekend's New Yorker Festival

But writers do tremble and will always need to sit
alone in the dark... not ambivalence---->a fact

Photography is a medium that I've been out of touch with,
when I read Diane Arbus's biography years ago I remember
it made a strong impact: she was obsessed, multi-talented,
& seemingly happy- her suicide came very unexpectedly.

I just learned about the new book "Revelations" coming out
in tandem with a full retrospective of Arbus's photography in
San Francisco. In the article there was a statement/declarative
Arbus made referring to her process:
____the more specific one is the more general it will be___
In writing a poem to convey an obscure idea or feeling, this
technique will be applied.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Whot if for on entire doy, we obolished use of the letter A
(click w/e seporotion)

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

OK cat's out the bag ... I got a birthday present today to die for,
a gorgeous 560 pg volume : BORGES Selected Non-Fictions
Edited by Eliot Weinberger : another essential, no doubt about it.
Outrageous sunshine today - full up with love that is given to and
from - my man is a fighter, a true lover & father - my friends are fine -
Beleza Tropical (brazil classics 1) rhythms radiate - too much to
coo about - I'll stop... but one more thing: go over to Malcolm's pub
....& thanks for the good wishes.
: my recent reindulgence - JOYCE - giving me joy on this special day :

Miss Devlin had become Mrs Kearney out of spite. She had been
educated in a high-class convent where she had learned French
and music. As she was naturally pale and unbending in manner
she made a few friends at school. When she came to the age of
marriage she was sent out to many houses where her playing
and ivory manners were much admired. She sat amid the chilly
circle of her accomplishments, waiting for some suitor to brave it
and offer her a brilliant life. But the young men whom she met
were ordinary and she gave them no encouragement, trying to
console her romantic desires by eating a great deal of Turkish
Delight in secret. However, when she drew near the limit and
her friends began to loosen their tongues about her she silenced
them by marrying Mr Kearney, who was a bootmaker on Ormond Quay

Monday, September 15, 2003

condensed version... from


On my own  I memorize

then find the currents of
& turn

I run from
allegiance hanging upside

down to be singular

A very gradual need -
the flash & spiral

Romping bands of emotion

too clever to be ignorant

to ignore

the brightest bridges

Only repeating
'leave or return'
return , leave

or duck under
or mock walk on

someone's need

someone needs
a careful signature
scribbling it seven times
seven times for you
done none none none

until it becomes useful to see

the traffic force

evening feet

swollen over the basement balcony

Jump I used to think it is now
or never inventing
new word-throbs
a trifling sink to be funky

On my own I read nostalgia
for sweetness
gentle ladies & men

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Hi blog, pit stop
I've been preoccupied, head in the sand
posting in spurts more or
less - whatever

Thank you JK for
displaying radish

The Postman Always Rings Twice
watched it literally twice in a row -last night on Bravo-
too many commercials but Nicholson & Lange
were so great that I ignored the frustration

Caught in a downpour this morning, felt
refreshing, didn't mind that either...

Our new DSL is phenomenal ... getting used to
the new format took a while, but there is NO
turning back

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