Friday, September 26, 2003

Tishrei 1-2 : tomorrow & Sunday

     ~Happy Rosh Hashana~

blessings of good health & joy in the New Year

Robert Palmer died this morning, he was 54 - stunned.
on the brink of giving up on heat, one
big last ditch: to eat for warmth, to
bathe for warmth, to walk for warmth,
make love, find love in spite of itself,
for warmth, then

-Sawako Nakayasu
(no ditching allowed)
special thanks to Fauxpress.com/e

Thursday, September 25, 2003

I drank mango tea, perfect flavors
Had a very good meeting

t  r   a 

q u i
l i t y

more Robert Palmer
Sneakin Sally Through The Alley
classic album
Through it all there's you...

note to myself: the idea of waiting for someone
else to make a decision for me can be intolerable

invention is the only way out .... waiting & waiting
Waiting for the Call-Back I dreamt I was tearing

scraps of rejected drafts off my violet clipboard

{with no n} until I had nothing, no paper with

which to jot down the word Bannockburn

including {two ns} my mistake, how innocently recalling

when at Byron Jr. High School I had become one of the

15 chosen ones keeping their stage in balance

in How to Succeed in Business Without Really

Trying I played Rosemary of New Rochelle >< NY

and sang like a lark Today's Newport meeting

with Elliott is at 47 degrees F, I will not fall into

abandonment while writing to friends this winter

which is not a rejection.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Robert Palmer, another one with soul -
listening to his Double Fun c. 1978
puts me at ease, which I need cos I've been hyper
lately, lately/always.
THE POETRY in blogland are the relationships.
Prove it? This poem gave me shivers,
directly to & from

t h e s o u l.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


It occurred

more or less
five times,
the little girl
as a screamer
ruins notes

note in the book
crying fare

bad chair
I quitting
sarcasm altogether
thanks or top
at 20 decibels

mirror faced
rambling ooo stranger

what best, psych

should be nodding
lady of poor
brain pinches
loafer & thin
bun brought
for baby
figures: wherever the body goes riding
fair enough tag play gazing
neck lace

bib &

Faded on a cotton t
I'M THE was the LITTLE
in soft dresses
well, & saying go away
tough feeling home work

...back to paying closer attention before I won't have the choice...
Keep cool
Keep dry

When I smelled like gasoline the fields near my house
Were noisy with Awacs their radar dishes spinning
The average temperature was The Big Ship by Brian Eno
I was getting the feeling Newsweek was hiding something
Much larger than an afikomen Keith Haring was making a video
Logic was a form of journalism and birds flew away

-Jordan Davis
And do they even know whether it is the mountain
that is big or themselves that are small, and what
if it could only be one of the above, if everything
flattens out in only one place at a time, until the
thickness chases us down, tag, you’re it, and it,
and it, and we are all taken over by the thick-
ness of it all, a human layering from which
not even children are exempt, not even
the imaginary ones. Nor the duplicates.

-Sawako Nakayasu


Rare in the flatlands when mood elevates

along the buckthorn creek
over a lawn meadow of baseball diamonds
Loping tennis balls close to Centennial Parkway
modest golfers by the grand Officer homes
modern towers
& ivy covered windows ajar
The 8 o'clock walking scent
of maple wood coal & chimney
Late in the film noir
a Sleepy Hollow sky
orange moon harvest ablaze on Sheridan

Monday, September 22, 2003

or they can look here
get back Jack, do it again.
Process Reinvention ... resume being completely revamped
... tell them the modest facts with a dash of sparkle ...

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