Saturday, October 04, 2003

It's the halfway point in a short journey
and it comes close to a skate park
where boys hang out and skate
and do their attractive young things.



sweet patronizing
Four decades full of flavor
infamous chunks
Disappearing ducks
on some banks
in some ponds
in honeysuckle
Caught smack

What about delicious

what if
Some tasted wrong
He'd had surprises
rowdy quirks
The proud family
Going into the kiln
an apple hike
or campfire toast
Hugs before bedtime
one compliment
After dark

Friday, October 03, 2003

Banner ads are back - goo
Bar/Restaurant Furniture . Bistro Chairs
LI Restaurants - Long Island (not Lithium)
__!Shel Silverstein poems!__
love poetry . mother poems

& Thank you M for the tech support - I needed it!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

My fear of mentioning an admired singer songwriter
....fear denied, he lives now and is well :
jules shear, allow me to admire
Farewell to my friend & mentor EG
... though not forever, emails
& pout

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

from CROWN

Dear disgruntled Self

Place your bets on track
What now for the Feminine better
in mahogany toned
Cole Hahn tassels
On a Man's foot
coveting the cryptic
Lay your temperament wide
True the Atheist
stirring in Emily's hope chest
tarantula fur
The Hollywood dialogue
feathered metaphoric
Win! a sad prize
calling out all
Aristocratic paddles

foretelling track 999999

Non-stop to-day,
I read this morning's accidental rhyme
- o Hawai'i - o Charlie
now going on a late chilly walk
to the Lake - o Emmy Lou... here I am

: Update on the Job Hunt :

Late yesterday Liz D. promptly returned my call,
she seemed distracted and/or a tad tentative:
"We just finished with the interviewing and will
keep your resume in our files for any future
openings." "Thank you," I was thinking Lady,
I never wait for the future
, on to the NEXT.

: Local Temperature :
Dropping into the 30s, time to plan spring break
hopefully to Phoenix, AZ in April... I talked to friend
Charlie who just returned from a work-trip in Hawaii
& would rather vacation there... The desert makes
me crave the water, the sunsets are unreal, and
I like riding western... Arizona will be fine

     It's  c  o l  d  o u t s i d e

Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Scottie dog taunting

at the intersection
His terrible bark
frowns up, performs
sorry I realize it hurts
Official gasoline
budget replacement in quarts
but heartfelt transmission has
no personal wake of remarks
Include two minds
skyward fishing
the lateral storm
& soaking ground
Tempted to believe
in perennial buds
through the winded boughs
we are driving

How various a group are we!
Read not too closely, not too randomly, not too late at night.
Girl, there will be candles.

-Malcolm Davidson
I earned a crown of thorns.
God rewarded my throat

with whiteness and a necklace
of rubies

-Eileen Tabios
a little verbal shock
treatment with a somersault

puppy craziness
what we really need
is to know when he has attacked everything

-K. Silem Mohammad, Deer Head Nation

DHN... at times satirical, entertaining, gruesome,
diabolical, "Man gave names to all the animals__in the
beginning__a long time ago" -Bob Dylan
.... not from the school of quietude, .... non-complacent
renderings, .... post-Beat poetry, .... Kasey's mind.
(a typo -just corrected DHM to DHN-
what is it about the Deer Head?)

Monday, September 29, 2003

To live forever in something :: Time / Seed / Sand
in the printed word, in a garden, in blood-line extensions

The Sophomore has been studying Canterbury Tales
The 'Baby' is counting, reading, writing, coloring, acting
.... happy, happy, happy....
The middle one is going to/could be a great President

All three brilliant, not exaggerating, which means I give
myself permission to feel a little bit proud.

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