Friday, October 17, 2003

absolute root power :: Joan Armatrading What's Inside
Warm tomato condiments
snails amaryllis
basted effort
no dinner
the patty melts
a la hypocrite
fritters talk the

from Rumor

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Just received Theoretical Objects, Nick Piombino, Green Integer

We rarely give our hearts to those who might deserve it,
yet how quickly and easily it flies to one who really wants it

There must be a place in the language where x can lodge itself,
be there for a later discovery or we are all condemned to repeat
ourselves (they would say: day after day, "day after day") and
this is the extension of silence into remorse ( I & 2 of...) to have
every invention played for a trillion encores

merci NP!

MaNNer)s( (add-on scroll down

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

One defective school of judgment
CUTE - inclusive - and laughing
guess who loves to play.
from MaNNer)(s

HomeSTeaders judGe frenZy taRts

ClotteD fennel Cream sconE wIth raIsin chuntney
wellneSs quenches aLl they sHoUld
be drinkinG
Dave's depRession
mArney's energY Nutty turtles
quickEr thAn he'll Ever knoW
The arrAy eVer-wiDening
oRganics boost the boG
dethroneS them Fall not trulY
yet upon theM
frIlls of maLlow blUe bleNd

BoOn in treBle trAin bellowinG

harmonicA HitCh & maTch
The long melodY
aRmadillo laMb
pIllow pRam bronTOsaurus wiSh
of chorUS

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Side links done, if I left out anyone who wants to be on, pleez say so.
Today, a non-blogger emailed asking me how long I've known
so & so blogger. The obvious answer is : since I began blogging
last April / May, but the intuitive answer is : I've known so & so
and all of you crazy bloggers for at least a few decades, maybe
centuries ... so it seems.
side links : renewal : today's the day
Bolder font for irony Nick who has
graciously requested more contrast....tks!

o f plai

n rai n tue
sda y

a f ina 

l e pat te r s

ex q ui  

sit e ly of b oy

g i rl

"h o w ya doi n"

s e nse

u n ord in ar y

m in or



Monday, October 13, 2003


Hip day
civilized bungalow
Nectar must cost
a bee's life
To make one pound fly the equal
distance 3 orbs 1 queen 300 drone
workers are you out there?
A teaspoon of honey in yr lovers life
gentle creatures threatened only afar

from DR MASK

:honoring Christopher Columbus Day:

irreproachable ladies firmly lewd

on dangerous slabs of tilting din whose
mouths distinctly walk
your smiles accuse

the dusk with an untimid svelte subdued

while in your eyes there lives
a green egyptian noise. ladies

- the author ?

Sunday, October 12, 2003

from uE

first readers p a c  k

ca t s  at fa t  on th e m   a t

c l owns

        cro wned daf


lo v


      ng l y  na  ==tur a l

           julia  nna  's br ea k

-fis t

 coming to steal my heart

coming of my love parting
against the noise business

& your beautiful voice, sex is funny
you should see the gardens

Ma w reck s l eve l th ree

       p r e p ara t   i ons

                lit t le b


pi g gle f

            rog       m u d ma tch

                c oc 

           o nu t s

    e me ral d f oun t ain

What if your site meter crashed and disappeared,
would that be so terrible, wouldn't it be refreshing?
I'm not sure why I needed to say that >post below< ... maybe because I
need a pep talk ... I think, therefore I'm not all together .....sure?

just found one reason, an oblique response to:

"However, as in all attempts to bring community into artistic life, it will
be countered by the drive for commercial applications and the drive for
individual dominance." -Nick Piombino

(I disagree about the "all attempts" ... I don't see this
happening in blogland YET, but in the context of
Nick's entire interview, I understand his warning.)
Why are personal agendas within the blog community frowned upon?
Poets are individuals first, and foremost the writing -one hopes- is
self-contained in a search of the individual's understanding of truth,
&/ of alienation, disappointments etc. Inclusion seems to rule in blogland
rather than a separateness, though independence is key, collaborations
should be sought out, & celebrated. THE ALL _OR_ NOTHING thinking
is severe, imho.

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