Saturday, October 25, 2003


Or haven't you noticed

yet at the skin solid money
is flowing
Fixing us poet
upon poet loving oblivion or
haven't the hands felt a phase-me-out


On your neck pending this
world of weight
If you dare the arid randomness
the absent phantom unbeingness - overwrought, writ

trembling space of the double tale

Fix me up fix me icy if you dare
take a look any certain
square day

Thursday, October 23, 2003


Tense jaw

peel away
Intense law
liberates the hermit
Every aspect scrutinized
a little removed from the mast
In tow two curious claws
soda swift tatter bugs
rupture the Hell straits
seethe without vipers


Hip day
civilized bungalow
Nectar must cost
a bee's life
To make one pound fly the equal
distance 3 orbs 1 queen 300 drone
workers are you out there?
A teaspoon of honey in yr lovers life
gentle creatures threatened only afar


snowy hills
the herd sleeps
standing muzzles the proud mule:
haws as they snore
hees they snore more
And above through the clouds
a scaly blue dragon
As in darkness the tiger roams
orange in her river bed valley
Sky bound pearl ascending
directly to the Sorcerer, jaw emits
a gem tranquilizer seven days of soul in
search for


weak stomach
not unlike a cure
Be out the door and toss the tongue aside
Army presumes you contentious, a slug
rogue by false
Lazy slow vitriol empire
envious thick anti-being
Hazy element
joins the A-list
& believes

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

To ALL of you strange and beautiful blog Beasts :
'the job' came through, part-time teaching/tutoring.
Abolone posting will be less frequent, but not non-
existent. . . Thank you for the caring emails, this
community is unstoppable because of the LUV!
New poems. . . soon. Lj

Ps. hi Amy!!

Sunday, October 19, 2003

A politically weary Abolone is vacating this space for a while
... a chilly feeling in the air ... take care y'all!!
There have been various defenses of evil. First, the classic
defense of the theologians, who declare that evil is negative,
that evil is simply the absence of good. For any sensible person
this is obviously false. A physical pain is as vivid or more vivid than
any pleasure. . . Then there is the argument, elegant but quite false,
of Leibniz. Imagine two libraries. The first is composed of a thousand
copies of the Aeneid, which he assumes is a perfect book, as perhaps
it is. The other contains a thousand books of various merit, and one of
them is the Aeneid. Which of the two libraries is superior? Obviously the
second. Leibniz comes to the conclusion that evil is necessary for the
variety of the world. But he seems to forget that it is one thing that
there are bad books in the library, and another thing to be those
books. And if we are those books we are condemned to hell.

-Borges, from Seven Nights (above & below)
Not everyone has the ecstasy-and I don't know if he always had it-
of Kierkegaard, who said that if there were one soul in hell neces-
sary for the variety of the world, and if that soul were his, he would
sing from the depths of hell the praises of the Almighty. . .I don't
know if it is easy to feel this. I don't know if, after a few minutes
in hell, Kierkegaard would have continued to feel the same way.
But the idea, as you see, refers to an essential problem, that of
the existence of evil, which the Gnostics and the Kabbalists
resolved in the same way. . .

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