Friday, November 14, 2003

Sitting to the right of the keyboard is the gift
-Oxford Dictionary of Current English- given
to me yesterday -thank you you- & above my
computer sits the tattered Random House
Webster's Third Edition
that I've become
attached to ... How to replace the old one
with the new? or can't I use both of them
even though the old is missing a few pages
and the cover is minced and I refuse to throw
it away ... TGIF or Happy TO DO NOTHING for
the next two days ... crazed activity ... OM

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Product Zoom On Gender :: In England, the Nestle
candy company has unveiled the Blokie, a "Not for Girls"
candy bar- but what will happen if a girl eats one??

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Looong day ... a walk to the Lake ... a toast to stamina
KeePing the kArma polIce conFused toDay.
now I can start my day, thanks for that Christopher!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Random impressions
cont. from last night:

Tim Yu's voice at certain times reminded me of Tom Hanks'.
Alice Notley's nervous performance edge blended well with her text.
Tim Yu has an easy-going, professional attitude, without arrogance.
Alice Notley read from what seemed to be a new manuscript, plain
stapled pages that were sliding and falling off the podium.
Tim Yu patiently listened to me ramble on about everything.
Alice Notley is skiddish, I can relate.
Tim Yu is not skiddish, I appreciate it.

Monday, November 10, 2003

::A poetry reading report::

First, something about him -

mr cool mr tim) (i did get lost,
i panicked on two island forks
on Lakeshore Drive Highway I 55,
but enough about me(
She was possessed, thirsty,
and riveting with intensified
usage of 'owl' 'ruby' 'poison'
'corpse' '2nd world' 'prostitute'.
She's a lovely performer;
delicately framed, determined,
light voiced, self-effacing,
imperfect line breaks taken
between swigs of bottled water.
He nodded politely to every
side comment that i made, he
took notes, he said Hello and
knew at least half the people
in the room, (about 60 total.)
After 45 minutes she ended on
the phrase "Tree of Life" ...
Notable lines:
If I burn I am saved, if I
save I am burned
I don't have a form; what
else is a body?
Because you bear the charge
of this ground...
Where leftover misery goes

(Tim and i sat in as audience...more later)
Plain to have an absolutely enjoyable day
languid music sweeps the bubble floor
Oscar gossip Harlequin air
brisk tree bare departure
new arrival

Sunday, November 09, 2003

green letters at this end
reading the print-out
dense brain
twisted snow on Chicago

stalk invasive night
couples weak dancing
laid out
beautiful obsession

clean on the sinister
lake snack

This family of over 50 birthdays now besieged with
presents in the living room accessory strewn dining
room girl toy gummy bears gum balls checkerboard
battleship pegboard etc. snow lay on the ground

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