Friday, November 21, 2003

welcome BACK!!
I ANALYZE therefore I KNOW. Was it VOG who said that? maybe not.
The greatest gift you can give a poet is to acknowledge the work
without excessive decomposition. Vog: "I am seeing the un-obvious
implications of Beauty right here in this poem" ... how darn perceptive!
Wasn't it VOG who talked about the plague of overwriting.* Yes Ron,
it was. Don't take it personally, just an honest observation.

*{The irony in this particular instance: Brenda & I had exchanged e-mails
recently in praise of good writing - (all egos aside) - & just for the record.}

Thursday, November 20, 2003

I don't remember spotting deer in Santa Cruz,
but I could see the Pacific from higher up places
on campus, & loved walking to the different
lecture bldgs through the jungle of Redwoods
... Bay Area splendor.

okay, I will go ahead and call myself a dolt for not
appreciating a reviewer's line by line dissection of
a poem. Not only does this type of review seem
self-serving for the reviewer, it seems to destroy
the integrity/mystery inside the work of Art.

Beautiful spring-like weather today;
famous Elliott's in town >>> t'morrow!!
Socio- ability :
adding new links today :
entitlement to grow : to change : to assess : at will*,**,***
*Mark Lamoureaux's URL ... help
**without fail, templates causeth me to choke -still alive- i think
***As/Is = new links

Swear by the Irish bagpipe intoxicant
ecstatic overlay of guitars
catching my ugly self
teaching you not to lie

most, but not last: what would i do without@@@@
The man is taxed. The hats are torn.
The book is thick. The attic attacks.
The eyes are vague. The beagle is sad.
The poster is happy. The quilt is scratchy.
The computer is warm. The letter is attentive
and wish I had a scanner too.

Noah's temporary Banner ad : hang in!
Pom Express
Any Pom, Any Style, Great Prices.
Cheerleading accessories too

Last leaves coming down
tree bones to the full sky

I thought to delete the one below, the duck/pate analogy is better.
The two best questions I got asked were,
"Is your hair really like that or do you get it done?"
and "How much money do you make?"

Neither of these were hostile questions.
Both were pertinent
. -(M. Atwood)

Wednesday, November 19, 2003




t o u ch
p l ay

In the band
r e nt
fr i e n ds




...in All places, however dim and sordid, of this world or in the
seven others. Thrust a keen Sword-blade through her and
it will seem as a fountain of Divine and Pure pleasure. These
eyes ... an equal gift as revealed by Wisdom is sometimes
granted the Child

"An Experimental Account of What Was Known, Seen, and Met
by Mrs. Jane Lead in London 1694" - Jorge Luis Borges

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Encountering bizarre realities ... using Mina's garish
email settings -so?... making Julie a turkey and peanut
butter sandwich -she asked for it, she ate it... recently
reading about the Cambodian atrocities -making me
sick to my stomach, making me want to grab Kasey's
baseball bat and and and and ... it'll all be okay, sure grrrrrr

Jordan, Sarah, & Chris - Tonight/Tomorrow - Bay Area shine!

add on "Ocean Song" ... scroll down

Monday, November 17, 2003

: A Poetry Reading for a Women's Book Club :

- they read fiction Oprah-esque novels, a few more advanced
- the majority of them will not understand abstract Lang-Po
- I do not feel comfortable reading straight poetry to them
- I am contemplating having them read the/my poems aloud
- I will encourage questions, ask for their interpretations
- I will try to act conservative, non-obscure, & worldly
- I hope the brownies will be good?
(A full report in early December, after the event.)
go to Cahiers de Corey NOW, hooray for first-books!



RE: miserable blog week

Truth is, it was great meeting a human blogger
last week...unfortunately one's 'private' situation
can erupt and/or disrupt at anytime.
Tim, It is perfectly okay, Notley can wait, ix-nay
the anxiety... double martinis at midnight and so forth.

Sunday, November 16, 2003


I hear the shadows whistle

Through the coat tree little lines
of clothing with mud stains
and jelly smudges
Pot pie dye graph
sh-erry ch-erry wh-eat
Legendary side of a splash bar
rusty strip club
Save the whip for later
We went to our first party
starting on the back porch
Must have been the light alternative
easy breeze of chains

I am very proud of how responsible
very proud of returning promptly
from two & three finger tests
shares of plenty
Books, blankets, & teddy bear
received later in the waiting room:
please/// make ///visual ///contact
Life & health sustain no reported
frames and arrows

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